'Grand Theft Auto Online' Heists: Rumored Details on Roles & Payouts

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Over the past few weeks, gamers have done a considerable amount of digging in the Grand Theft Auto 5 code. Some have found almost nothing, simply choosing to poke around for their own amusement, while others have found clues that may point to single player DLC featuring zombies.

Today, yet another source code excavation has uncovered details that may be the most substantial we've seen yet. That's because, unlike the more doubtful prospect of zombies visiting Los Santos, these clues have to deal with Grand Theft Auto Online's heists.

According to the GTA Online code, heists will put players in one of six different roles: driver, hacker, hired gun, leader, parachutist, and sniper. It's important to mention that, while it does sound like these are the six heist roles, it is possible that NPCs may fill some of them.

What's also unclear is how defined these roles will be. In the single player campaign, players entered a heist in a very structured fashion — Franklin providing cover, Michael in the thick of it, and Trevor usually manning the getaway vehicle. Whether or not these GTA Online heists will do a similar thing, or simply expect that players will stick to their roles, isn't entirely clear. For that matter, it's best not to bank on these roles just yet, as they may be unused code floating around without purpose; Rockstar Games has yet to say anything official about heists.

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In addition to rumors of heist roles, the code also reveals a potential payout limit for the Online heists. According to the code, teams will be able to bank as much as $1.5 million during a heist.

Again, details are murky, but it sounds like the more times players complete a heist the more potential cash will be available. Or maybe the bankable total resets after a certain amount of time has passed and this is just a stipulation if you replay the heist immediately after completing it. It's also unclear whether or not each heist member has a shot at $1.5M or if that's what the entire team splits.

Obviously talk of heists without actually seeing them is sure to draw even more ire from impatient Grand Theft Auto Online players. Rockstar Games has been promising a multiplayer version of the single player missions, but have yet to deliver. The developer pops in every now and again to say that heists are still coming, and to explain why they are not yet here, but so far we know very little about them. Perhaps now that the cat is slowly slipping out of the bag, Rockstar might finally feel obliged to share.

What type of roles were you expecting in Grand Theft Auto Online's heists? How much money did you hope to earn?


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