First ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Heist Missions & Independence Day Pack Details Leaked

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Rockstar Games makes wonderfully grand single player games, but when it comes to multiplayer, they’re are not earning the same amount of praise. When Grand Theft Auto V released last year and immediately became a Game of the Year contender, players had to wait a little bit for Grand Theft Auto Online – its multiplayer mode – to release. The idea was to wait for the multiplayer features to be ready before launching it, but when it was ready, it still wasn’t. Sort of.

The open-world online play of the latest GTA was riddled with bugs and glitches, allowing players to exploit the title for in-game currency – something Rockstar shamefully wanted to charge for as a microtransaction. Grind or pay was their goal, but for players, it was grind or pay or exploit. Guess which option won out?

Grand Theft Auto Online included minigames such as races for players to queue into but the majority of the fun came from free roaming and randomly engaging in battles. Everyone killed everyone else and so it quickly became boring. Add in the fact that the weird design mandate of the multiplayer restricted players from stealing high-end cars (Grand Theft what?) and damaging cars owned by other players, and the game didn’t even follow its own rules.

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The saving grace to the half-baked online mode was supposedly going to be the Heists – missions that would allow players to work with other players to complete missions for big in-game cash payouts (read: something to actually do). They weren’t ready at launch or in the months following but we learned that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists would come this spring. Except they didn’t and still haven’t. While multiplayer has still gotten patches and new content in the form of the recent “I’m Not A Hipster” update which added clothing, cars, vehicles and new jobs to the game, we also learned that Heists have been further delayed. We don’t know for how long either, but with Rockstar confirming the unsurprising news that GTA V is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it could be planned for launch alongside those releases to get more people playing online.

Or it could come much sooner if the latest rumors are of any indication. YouTuber DomisLive, the same person who had the spot-on scoop about the “I’m Not A Hipster” update, says he’s got new info and that there are over 30-40 missions coming to Grand Theft Auto Online. Here’s what was listed in the video, and some of them seem to fall under the “Heists” category which we expect will be an ongoing thing with new missions added on the regular.

  • Prison van rescue — Criminals intercept a noose van driven by NPCs and free the gang member then take him back to the gang house. 16 cops and 16 criminals can join the mission. Opens at rank 5 and is triggered by a phone call.
  • Drop off hooker — Blips will appear in player’s territories. The player has to go and pick up a prostitute and drop her off somewhere. The player has a time limit.
  • Funeral — Gang members must escort a lieutenant’s hearse through town. Rival gang members have to get in the hearse and destroy it. This triggers after Escort Crook Boss if the boss is killed. Funeral home co-ords 410, — 1485.
  • Territory Takeover — Players can fight to take over territory in the game, this will produce a revenue stream for them.
  • Fight Gangmate — Two teams have a fist fight with each other. The gang lieutenant gets two team mates to have a fight as part of their initiation.
  • Cop Territory — Cops are put onto the territory takeover missions, they get no choice whether to take them or not.
  • Ornate Bank Heist — Get behind the counter of the bank, hack into the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join this mission.
  • FIB Grab — Abseil down the FIB tower, break in, download data, escape. 4 crew, 3 abseilers, 1 driver, 16 cops and 4 criminals can join this mission. All 4 fly a helicopter to the FIB roof, 3 abseil down the tower, smash windows into office and hack a data terminal to get classified data. Meanwhile, the driver dumps the chopper and collects a getaway car and escapes to the gang hideout. The crooks skydive out of the office to a getaway car and escape to the gang hideout. The cops join once the crooks is inside the office, and cops are told to arrest the crooks. The FIB office has AI agents that must be shot, 2 waves of AI agents also enter based on hack progress and shoot to kill.

In another video just a few days later, he revealed the Independence Day pack timed likely for next week given that it’s July 4th on Friday. There’s less concrete info on what this may include, but fireworks, attack helicopters, ATVs (see below) and new patriotic clothing were all mentioned as possible additions.

GTA Online Attack Helicopter

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