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Once players have completed the first GTA Online Heist the Fleeca Bank Job, they're ready for the big time. The second heist, known as The Prison Break, is definitely harder than the first, but it also pays better.

Unfortunately, players aren't able to jump right into the GTA Online Prison Break heist until they receive a call from Lester letting them know the heist is ready. Once he makes the call, prepare for more challenging setup activities and a finale that can be difficult to live through. However, despite the challenge, the heist is quite enjoyable.

Quick note before jumping into the guide: the player who hosts the heist will not receive any payouts from the setup missions, though the other members of the team will. The host also has to put up the startup fee. However, at the end of the heist, the game recommends the host receive 55% of the take, while the other players each get 15%. So it all works out in the end.

Creating the Team

Prison Break 2

Unlike the Fleeca heist, Prison Break requires four players to complete. Once again, each player must be at least level 12 in order to participate. We also recommend finding teammates that have strong skill levels, especially in the area of flying and shooting. While high levels in these areas aren't required, it definitely helps during the heist.

Once the team is assembled, they'll meet at the host's apartment heist room to get started (the host can enter the room and simply invite the teammates to join the mission). The host will need to cough up the $40,000 fee, which they should have from the Fleeca job, assuming they didn't blow it on cars, booze and strippers.

With everything in place, it's time to get started.


The Prison Break: Plane

Prison Break 1

The Prison Break job allows players to do the four setup missions in any order, but they must all be completed before the team can conduct the final heist. The goal of the final heist is to break a professor named Maxim Rashkovsky out of prison. The first mission on the board is to steal a plane from one of the small airports. Those who have played the Grand Theft Auto 5 campaign will recognize the airport as the one where Trevor snipes a handful of enemies before stealing a plane for smuggling purposes.

The heist team will need to travel to the airport together, with the three passengers taking out bad guys while the driver maneuvers through traffic and enemy vehicles. Once the team reaches the airport, continue the carnage until one player can access the plane.

There will be a heavy onslaught of enemies trying to kill each member of the team and prevent the pilot from escaping with the plane. The three non-pilot team members will be responsible for dispatching the bad guys while the pilot takes off. As long as the team communicates and works together to gun down enemies, this mission shouldn't be too difficult.

Prison Break 3

Once in the air, the pilot simply needs to deliver the plane to the southern-most airport and the mission is over. Everyone gets paid and waits for the next section.


The Prison Break: Bus

Before starting this mission, we recommend collecting a few items. First, one member of the team should obtain a rocket launcher. It's not required, but it makes one section a lot easier to complete.

Once the host has selected the bus mission, the team will be directed to the bus's location. Once there, the team will need to kill the bus driver, steal the bus and lose the cops. Here's where the rocket comes in handy because the bus has an escort chopper that can be quite annoying. However, it can be quickly and easily destroyed with a rocket.

Prison Break 4

Once in the bus, the team will need to lose the cops. This is easier said than done considering the bus is quite bulky and slow. We recommend going off-road and finding a place to hide.

From there, the team will deliver the bus to the drop-off point. Be careful not to get too close to any cops or the wanted stars will rack up. And there's nothing worse than being in the final stretch, only to have to lose the cops again.

Once the bus is delivered, the mission is completed and the team gets paid.


The Prison Break: Station

Prison Break 5

The third mission on the board isn't too difficult if done right. It requires two teams: Cop Station and Cargo Ship. We'll start with the Cop Station team.

The Cop Station duo will be in charge of collecting some files from the police station. This requires police uniforms and a police car. The uniforms are given to the team, but the cruiser needs to be obtained on their own. We recommend a creative approach to obtaining the car – this is a game afterall and is meant to be fun. For those who simply want to get the cop car and go, it's possible to call the cops and steal their car when they arrive. Lose the wanted level and head to the station.

When the team arrives at the police station, they need to be calm. That means no shooting, running or attacking anyone. If either person does that, the result is very much as expected and it isn't pretty for the heist team. As long as the players act like normal cops, they'll get through this section quick and easy.

Steal the police bus schedule, leave the station and drive away. It's that simple. From there, the fake-cops will need to torch the car and head back to the heist room.

Prison Break 6

While the Cop Station team is stealing the bus schedule, the Cargo Ship team will be in charge of stealing Rashkovky’s car from a cargo ship.

The team will head to the shipyard to get the car, which is located in the shipping container on the top of the stack. The easiest way to get the car is to climb to the top of the structure to the right and use a parachute to drop down to the container. Shoot out the lock and grab the car.

As the team drives the car to the destination, numerous enemies will attempt to retrieve it. As is the case in Grand Theft Auto, the driver must evade the enemies, while the passenger works to shoot them down. Our best advice is to drive fast and clean to the spot; don’t worry about trying to take out the bad guys. And try not to damage the car too much; it needs to be in good shape when it’s deposited.

With the car and bus schedule in the team's possession, the mission is over and the team collects their bounty.


The Prison Break: Wet Work

Prison Break 12

Before starting this mission, we recommend the team obtain sniper rifles and pistols or SMGs with silencers. That will make this mission flow much smoother.

Once again, this mission requires two teams: City Hall team and Mansion team. The City Hall team will be in charge of grabbing a briefcase and the Mansion team needs to get some documents from a lawyer at his home.

The City Hall team will head to the vantage point and get ready for their kill. We recommend collecting a fast car on the way – it'll come in handy soon. Once the team reaches the vantage point, two lawyers will head up the steps at City Hall with one is carrying the briefcase. The players will need to synchronize their shots for an easy double kill.

Unfortunately, cops will swarm the area once the lawyers are dead, so the next part can be a little tricky. Jump in the car and head to the steps of City Hall. The team can either try to kill all the cops (which we don't recommend), or the passenger can just rush for the briefcase then hoof it back to the car. The cops will take notice and start shooting, but as long as the passenger moves fast enough there shouldn't be an issue.

Prison Break 7

Once both players are in the car, get moving. This is where the fast car comes into play. Lose the cops and drop the briefcase off at the heist room.

While the City Hall team is busy gunning down lawyers, the Mansion team will be in charge of executing a lawyer at his home. He has a ton of guards around his home, so the Mansion team will need to work quietly. Using silenced pistols will make this a whole lot easier.

Our best advice here is to move slowly and deliberately - taking out bad guys along the way. If at any point the target catches wind that the players are hunting him, he’ll take off and the team will need to chase him down and kill him.

With all the papers gathered and the right people dead, the mission is done and the team receives some cash. Now that everything is in place, it's time for the main event.


The Prison Break

Prison Break 8

We’ll get this out there right now: this heist is tough, which means players will likely die often and have to try a couple times to pull it off. Don’t worry, the payout at the end is worth it.

The heist has four different roles, one for each member of the team. They are Prisoner, Prison Guard, Pilot and Demolition. When the team is ready to go, the Prisoner and Prison Guard will leave in the bus, while the Pilot takes the plane and the Demolitions expert grabs a chopper.

The Prisoner and Prison Guard will head to the prison. After driving through the front gate, and exiting the bus, an alarm will go off. The players will need to work together to dispatch the NOOSE agents that start attacking. Players can take their time, since rushing may end in disaster. Once the agents are dead, the players will need to find Rashkovsky.

Rashkovsky will follow the duo through the courtyard area, but he will only move forward when an area is clear, so work together to kill the agents. Once again, no rush - slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Prison Break 9

While this is going on, the Pilot will be in a holding pattern with the plane, waiting to pick up the team members in the prison. However, this won’t be a cakewalk - there will be a steady stream of military jets trying to shoot down the Pilot. Since the Pilot’s plane has no weapons or defenses, the Demolition expert will need to shoot down the jets with the chopper. This is one of the parts that may take a few tries to get right.

The Prisoner and Prison Guard will lead Rashkovsky through the gates and grab an armored truck. This, unfortunately, will spark a five-star wanted level for the team members in the truck, and it will be up to the Demolition guy (or gal) to protect the truck from a swarm of police choppers and beefy trucks. Meanwhile, the Pilot can now safely land at the airfield and wait for the rest of the team to arrive.

Once the truck arrives at the airfield, the Prisoner, Prison Guard and Rashkovsky will need to get into the plane so the Pilot can take off. Speed is everything here. It’ll be tempting to shoot at the cops, but doing so risks death and mission failure, so focus on getting into the plane as quickly as possible. The Demolition team member will continue picking off police choppers while the team rushes for the plane and the Pilot heads down the runway.

Prison Break 10

Once in the air, the Pilot will lose the wanted level and head to the designated area, where everyone in the plane will jump out and parachute to safety. Once they’re safely on the beach, they’ll hop in the chopper with the Demolitions expert and take off toward the final destination.

Once the team reaches the marker, the heist is completed and the team gets paid - and it’s a healthy chunk of change. Definitely worth celebrating over with a new apartment or fancy car. Now the team is ready for the next challenge.

What did you think of the second heist in GTA Online? Now that you’ve done two heists, do you think it was worth the wait? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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