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Everything players have done so far in GTA Online Heists has led to this moment. This is the big one: the grand finale. And it's not going to be easy.

To complete The Pacific Standard Job, the entire heist team will need to bring their A-game. We highly recommend players spend time building their character level as much as possible before jumping in because aving access to powerful weapons will be very beneficial throughout the heist.

The Pacific Standard Job brings players back to the world of bank heists, and offers a potential payout of $1.25 million. That's a nice chunk of change, even split four ways. And don’t forget: as long as the team has done all the Grand Theft Auto Online heists and missions together and in order, each player will walk away with an additional $2 million on top of the Pacific Standard Job take.

Ready to go? Then let's get started.


The Pacific Standard Job – Vans

Pacific Standard Heist 1

As with the previous heists (aside from the Fleeca Job), the Pacific Standard Job is broken down into six missions: five set-up jobs and the finale. The first set-up job requires the team steal a Post Op van. The job is a little tedious, but luckily not too difficult.

The team will be split into two groups: Drivers and Navigators. The team will take two cars, each with a Driver and Navigator, and make their way through the city searching for the van. There are a handful of vans to choose from and the team doesn't yet know which one to steal. The Navigators will use the Trackify app on their phone to find the vans, then take pictures of their license plates. Lester will use the photos to determine which van the team needs to steal.

Pacific Standard Heist 2

This mission will go very quickly if the teams maintain open communication about where they are and which vans they are checking. If the two teams both go for the same van or spend time in the same area, it will take a while to photograph them all.

Once all the photos have been submitted to Lester, he'll respond with the van to grab. There won't be any trouble grabbing the van, as there are no enemies or resistance. Just grab the van and head to the drop off. Once that's done, the team gets paid and moves on to the next mission.


The Pacific Standard Job – Signal

Pacific Standard Heist 3

The van the team just stole has a special device inside that can be used to keep the dye packs in the bank cash from exploding. However, in order for the device to work, the team will need the help of a signal expert who can tune it to the correct frequency.  In this mission, the team will meet with the expert: Avi Schwartzman.

There are no teams on this mission, but as usual, the heist crew will need to communicate. Rocket launchers and sniper rifles will come in handy during this mission, so stock up.

When the team is ready to go, pick up the jet skis and head to the island. There won't be any enemies until the team reaches the island, which itself is covered with cops. Don’t move in too quickly; instead head to the smaller island near the destination and snipe the police. The team will also need to take out the chopper, preferable with rockets. Also, don't worry about making too much noise; just get the job done.

Pacific Standard Heist 4

With the cops thinned out, head to the island and finish the stragglers off. Then pick up Avi and jump in the escape boat. The team will now need to follow directions and head quickly up the river. There is a timer, but don't rush too much since many quick movements may dump one of the players into the water. There is plenty of time as long as the driver moves calmly and smoothly.

When the boat reaches a lake, the team will need to lose the cops. Don't worry about docking yet; the easiest way to lose the cops is to drive the boat away from shore and wait for the wanted level to disappear. Once the stars are gone, head to shore, grab a car, and head to the final destination. The crew gets paid, Avi gets the transponder, and the team prepares for the next mission.


The Pacific Standard Job – Hack

Pacific Standard Heist 5

For this mission, the team will be stealing hacking equipment. There will be two teams: a Transporter and three Decoys. Make sure the decoys are all players who have strong skill shooting from a moving vehicle because there will be a lot of that happening.

The team will head to the location of the hacking van and take out the bad guys. There are a lot of enemies to take down, so we recommend moving slowly toward the objective.

There are a lot of snipers, so make sure to use cover. It's a good idea to designate one or two team members to take down the enemy snipers while the other two take out the bad guys on the ground.

Pacific Standard Heist 6

With the enemies out of the way, the Transporter will grab the hacking equipment and jump in the white van. While that player heads to the designated spot, the three Decoys will jump in the black van and lead the bad guys in the wrong direction. Be warned: the Decoys will face a lot of opposition on the road. Expect to keep a finger locked on the trigger, as there will be constant shooting during the drive.

Once both teams reach their designated spots, the Decoys will blow up the black van and the mission is complete. The team can collect their pay and get a brief rest before the next mission.


The Pacific Standard Job – Convoy

Let's get this out right now: this mission is tough. However there are a few things the team can do to secure success. First, make sure everyone on the team has a working mic and knows to communicate, or things will go south quickly if the team doesn't work together. Second, everyone should load up on ammo and armor.

Pacific Standard Heist 7

There are no teams on this job, but the group will be sticking together for the duration. The job? Stealing a military truck from a heavy-duty Merryweather convoy.

The theft will take place at a bridge. Each player should take a separate car, and the bigger the better. Once the team reaches the ambush point, set the cars up as road blocks on the bridge. Players will be using them as cover, and to block the convoy from getting through. Do not throw down any explosives or shoot the convoy with rockets, though, because if the truck blows up the team fails.

However, the team can pick off the chopper with a rocket if they desire. As the convoy nears the bridge, take out the chopper quickly so it doesn't cause any issues for the team. With the chopper down, open up on the convoy. Again, don't blow up the truck or the team will have to start over.

Pacific Standard Heist 8

Once the bad guys are all dead, grab the truck and head to the drop off point. Two team members should also jump in the Insurgent and use it to protect the truck. Merryweather teams will swarm the heist crew and will need to be dealt with as the team drives.

Once the team escapes the Merryweather threat, park the truck and the mission is over.


The Pacific Standard Job – Bikes

The last setup mission before the finale involves stealing some motorcycles from the Lost MC gang and leaving them by the bank. They'll be the team's getaway vehicles after robbing the bank.

Pacific Standard Heist 9

Head to the Lost's location and take them out. If the team moves slowly and uses cover, they shouldn't have any trouble. Once all the bad guys are dead, grab the bikes. The team will be using the Lectros sport bikes. When everyone has one, it's time to head out.

There are two ways to go here: a hard way and an easy way. The hard way is to follow the yellow line from the start and deal with the Lost MC roadblocks. To take the easy way, don't follow the yellow line right away, which says to turn right when leaving the clubhouse. Instead, go straight, then turn right. Going this way, the team will avoid the roadblocks. Naturally, we recommend going the easy way.

Pacific Standard Heist 10

Once the team drops off the bikes, the mission is over. All that's left now is the final bank job.


The Pacific Standard Job – Finale

It wouldn't be a proper GTA Online Heists finale if this mission weren't very difficult, so be ready for a challenge. It's tough, but remember, the payout is sweet, especially if the team has finished the Loyalty and All in Order challenges.

There are three teams during the heist: Hacker, Demolition and Crowd Control. As the names suggest, the team members who play as Hacker and Demolition will be in charge of getting the cash while the Crowd Control duo keep the employees and bank customers in check.

Pacific Standard Heist 11

Head to the bank and go through the front door. The Crowd Control team will kill the guards and intimidate the remaining employees and patrons. Don't kill anyone, just keep guns trained on them.

Meanwhile, Demolition will place a thermite charge on a door. When the door opens, Demolition will do the same thing on a second door. When this second door opens, one of the Crowd Control players will take charge of intimidating the tellers in the back room, but watch out for guards as they come down the stairs. Kill them quickly and keep moving.

Now it's the Hacker's turn at bat. They'll be in charge of opening a door using a terminal. Once that's open, Demolition will again use the thermite to open a metal gate. Once the vault is open for robbing, an alarm will sound. The Hacker and Demolition folks will need to start grabbing cash quickly.

Pacific Standard Heist 12

With the cash in hand, Hacker and Demolition meet up with the Crowd Control team in the lobby and start fending off police. Be warned, there are a ton of them. We're pretty sure it's every cop in Los Santos. Use every weapon available to destroy the cops.

Move out of the bank as soon as possible or the team will get a fail notice for staying too long. Use any cover the team can find, and once the cops have thinned out a little, the team will make their way to an alleyway and the bikes. Don't move too quickly, though, or a team member may get picked off.

Grab the bikes and go. Once the team is on their rides, a countdown timer will start. The team needs to get to a dingy within the time limit or they will have to try again.

Pacific Standard Heist 14

Teams should know that the bikes are not required to finish the job. If the team feels comfortable with the bikes, they can be helpful in offroad situations, but they also leave players open to gunfire and wrecks. Alternatively, the team can find a suitable car or truck and use that instead. This may be the better choice considering the five-star wanted rating.

If the team opts for a car, the three non-drivers will be in charge of gunning down cops. Make sure the team's absolute best driver is behind the wheel. There will be a lot of cops in some heavy-duty vehicles, so the driver needs to bring their A-game.

Once up the canyon, the team will parachute off a cliff and hop in a boat. We recommend descending quickly because of the timer. Once the whole team is in the dingy, the timer goes away and the team cruises off into the sunset with an impressive reward.

Pacific Standard Heist 13

And that's it, folks. The team has now officially completed GTA Online Heists.

From here, we definitely recommend attempting the Criminal Mastermind challenge, if the team hasn't already completed it. There's a handsome $10 million per player haul for those teams that do.

Be sure to check out our guides for the other GTA Online Heists: Fleeca Bank job, Prison Break heist, The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding.

What did you think about the final GTA Online Heist? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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