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The third GTA Online Heist, The Humane Labs Raid, puts the difficulty and length of the first two heists to shame. Now that players have a good feel for the heists, it’s time to get serious. The Humane Labs Raid pays very well, and unlocks the Hydra VTOL and Valkyrie chopper, so it’s definitely worth the challenge.

Like the Prison Break, this heist is a four-person job. To host this mission, the leaders must have previously hosted the first two heists. For those who haven’t hosted those missions, be sure to check out our guides for the GTA Online Fleeca Bank heist and the Prison Break heist.

There will be a lot of gunplay in this heist’s missions and one very tough stealth mission, so make sure all players have plenty of ammo, some decent guns, and silencers. This heist will also require solid communication between all players, so we recommend doing it with friends rather than random players. Finally, we recommend each team player have strong flying skills, which will be very helpful during one of the missions.

Now that everything is in place, let’s jump in.


The Humane Labs Raid - Key Codes

Humane Labs Heist 1

The first mission will be to acquire the key codes needed to get into the Humane Labs. There are four roles for the mission: Bodyguard, Buyer, Lookout North and Lookout South. We recommend making the best snipers the lookouts and the best close-range gunfighter the bodyguard. There will be a lot of shooting in this mission, so using people’s strengths will go a long way to making the mission a success.

With everyone’s roles decided, head to the meeting place. The Buyer and Bodyguard hang out in the alley while the Lookouts head to their designated overwatch areas. When the seller shows up, everything will go as planned and the team will obtain the key codes. Unfortunately, once the deal is done, the FIB will swarm the lot and it's time for a little gunplay.

This is where the team’s shooting skills come in handy. FIB agents will arrive from every angle, so stay in cover and kill them all. Once they’re all dead, the team will head back to the safe house and drop off the codes. With the codes obtained and delivered, the mission is over and the team gets paid.


The Humane Labs Raid - Insurgents

Humane Labs Heist 2

The next mission in the heist is to commandeer a couple Insurgent SUVs from the quartz quarry. Players will remember the quarry playing a role in one of Grand Theft Auto 5's campaign missions. This heist mission is very straight forward and involves a lot of shooting. We highly recommend at least one player have rockets ready for a fight. Also, make sure the team has plenty of sniper ammo. There are no specific roles for this mission; the team will work together to obtain the SUVs.

Head to the quarry, take out the guards and get to the vantage point. The team should have no trouble sniping the enemies. There may be a few stragglers that require some closer gunplay, but for the most part the enemies shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Once the bad guys are gone and the team grabs the vehicles, two choppers will show up. One team member should hop on the mounted gun in one of the Insurgents, while the other players use rocket launchers. The choppers won’t stand a chance and the team can head out quickly. During the drive, the team will encounter quite a few enemies, but the player on the mounted gun should eliminate the threat.

Once the team reaches the drop-off point, they’ll need to kill the final enemies. Once they’re dead, the mission is complete.


The Humane Labs Raid - EMP

Humane Labs Heist 3

Now it’s time to steal the Hydra VTOL plane. As with the last mission, there are no designated teams or roles for this mission, though there will be plenty of opportunities to work together. This is where the strong flying skills come in handy.

The team will head to the beach and hop in the dingy. Head out to the ship and enter through the back. The team will need to kill bad guys as they make their way to the VTOL. We recommend using silencers here as it will help keep the number of bad guys to a minimum. As long as the team works together and communicates, this part shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once the team arrives at the VTOL, one player will jump in and the rest will hop into other jets. We recommend the team member with the best evasive skills take the VTOL. Once the VTOL is in the air, the team will be attacked by multiple enemy planes. All the bad guys will focus on the Hydra, so the rest of the team should be free to take them out.

Humane Labs Heist 4

After destroying the bad guys, the VTOL pilot will land the plane and the mission is done. The team gets paid and prepares for the fourth mission.


The Humane Labs Raid - Valkyrie

For this mission, we recommend the team fill up on sniper ammo and rockets. The team will be stealing the Valkyrie helicopter, which is heavily guarded. There are no set roles, so the team will need to work together according to their individual strengths.

When the team reaches the chopper location, don’t just rush in. There are a lot of enemies with a lot of firepower. The best plan is to move slowly and deliberately toward the chopper. Have a couple team members use sniper rifles to pick off enemies at a distance, while the other two use assault rifles or SMGs on close-range targets. Don’t worry about being quiet, focus on getting quick kills.

Humane Labs Heist 5

There will also be a Buzzard chopper that attacks the team, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to destroy. Homing rockets should do the trick.

Once the enemies are all dead, the team will grab the Valkyrie. Even though the chopper is armed to the teeth, the next part won’t necessarily be easy. More Buzzards will show up ready to take down the Valkyrie. The pilot’s job will be to point the Valkyrie toward the enemies as they arrive so the team can quickly shoot them down.

With all the choppers out of commission, the pilot can take the Valkyrie to the landing spot with the red flare. The team gets their payments and prepare for the next mission.


The Humane Labs Raid - Deliver EMP

Humane Labs Heist 6

Before starting the mission, make sure every member of the team has silenced weapons and knows how to move quietly. We also recommend everyone has a mic and can communicate with the team. This mission requires impeccable stealth, synchronized shots and strong communication. Without each of those, the team will struggle to complete the mission. If the team is discovered by a guard or scientist at the lab, the alarm will sound and the team will fail. This may take a few tries to complete.

There are no specified roles in this mission - we’re sensing a pattern here - but teamwork is essential. The team will grab an Insurgent SUV and head to the Humane Labs. Once the team makes it to the lab, they’ll have 10 minutes to complete the sequence.

Right at the start, there are two guards to kill. Use silenced snipers to take them down then move forward. When the team reaches the courtyard, take out the closest bad guy with a silenced sniper shot. The team will then break into two groups, with the first group heading through the courtyard while the other team waits. The two who went through the courtyard will then climb the box against the wall and take out the guard on the roof. Once that guard is dead, the two members of the group will need to take out two more guards simultaneously.

Humane Labs Heist 8

Meanwhile, the other two team members will head toward a flight of stairs with the number 5 on a wall and two scientists at the bottom. The duo will come to three scientists, two of which they will kill in unison and the other that must be dispatched by a member of the other team. If the three aren’t killed in unison, one of them will sound the alarm and the team has to start over.

Next up, there are eight bad guys that need to be killed. As a reminder, sniper shots will kill enemies, so don't worry about headshots. Clear the area and move on.

The team that killed the scientists will move down the stairs and kill two more scientists in unison. The other group will then kill two more hidden bad guys with a simultaneous shot. Finally, there will be four bad guys together. Have someone on the team do a countdown and everyone shoot at the same time. Make sure everyone knows who they’ll be shooting at so each enemy only receives one bullet.

Humane Labs Heist 7

There are no more enemies, so the team should finish the rest of the mission without problems. Have one team member grab the SUV with the EMP while another member hacks the garage door. The hack isn’t too difficult and involves a mini game, similar to the hack from the first heist.

Once that’s done, the team will hop in a vehicle and leave the lab. Don’t engage enemies on the way out, they’ll pass by without incident. Once the team leaves the lab, the mission is over and the team prepares for the big finale.


The Humane Labs Raid

After taking down bad guys, stealing aircrafts and placing the EMP, it’s time to steal the files from Humane Labs. This heist can be tough, but it also pays extremely well. The team will split a little over half a million dollars at the end. As with the previous heists, the host will determine how the payouts will be split among the players.

Humane Labs Heist 9

The final heist will consist of two teams: Ground Crew and Chopper Crew. The Ground Crew will be in charge of obtaining the files from within the lab while the Chopper Crew keeps enemies at bay in the Valkyrie. Make sure to let the best pilot fly the chopper, and it would be good to let a player with steady aim act as chopper gunner. The other two will be the Ground Crew.

The entire team will pick up the Valkyrie and head to the designated area. Once the chopper is in position, the team will detonate the EMP, knocking out the power on the ground, and the Ground Team will parachute down. When they touch down, they’ll be automatically switched to night vision.

The Ground Team will blow the door to the lab and take down a handful of enemies as they make their way through the building. Don’t worry about rushing through, the team should move slowly and methodically, killing bad guys along the way. At one point, the team will encounter a door with double locks that requires the team to work in unison. Here’s where strong communication comes into play. If the duo doesn’t hit the buttons at the exact same time, the doors won’t open.

Once inside, the team will gather the data and head out, taking down enemies as they go. When they reach the sea, they’ll throw on their oxygen gear, dive in, and swim through the tunnels. When the ground team reaches the beach, the Valkyrie team will swoop in and pick them up.

Humane Labs Heist 10

Buzzard choppers will come for the Valkyrie and everyone will need to take them out. Once they’re gone, the last step is to fly to the meeting point and the heist is over.

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