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Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

After 18 months of waiting, the Grand Theft Auto Online Heists are finally here, and players are ready to jump in and start raking in the dough with friends. To aid them in their efforts, we’re putting together simple guides that walk through each aspect of the heists.

First things first, though. Before any can start the heists, there are a couple requirements to meet. Whether you're hosting a heist or joining someone else’s game, players must be at least level 12 on GTA Online. Luckily, that isn’t too difficult and should only take a couple hours of doing missions, races and other multiplayer activities within GTA Online.

The second requirement is that whoever is hosting the group must own an apartment in a high-rise building. Once those two prerequisites are fulfilled, the heist team is ready to go.


Getting the First Job

Fleece Heist 3

Once players have logged into GTA Online, they will receive a call from Lester letting them know he has some work. After the call, an ‘L’ will appear on the map at the location where players plan jobs with Lester in the campaign. Head to that location to meet Lester and get a few details about working with him.

We’d like to note that if players receiving calls from other Los Santos businessmen, like Simeon or Trevor, those calls first before Lester reaches out. If players don’t answer for the other guys, they will keep calling and Lester won’t be able to get through.

After meeting with Lester, an ‘H’ will appear in the new Heist room in the player's apartment. Head there to get started on the first heist. It's also possible to start a heist by pulling up your phone, clicking on ‘Quick Job’ and selecting ‘Play Heist’. From there, players will have the option of starting your own or joining another player’s game.


Scoping Out the Target

Fleece Heist 4

The first heist is somewhat of a practice job to get players' feet wet. Lester meets the player in their apartment heist room where he reveals that he’s got a job This is the only heist that Lester pays for - future heists will require an investment from the host.

The first step in completing the job is to scope out the Fleeca Bank on the highway by the shore. Lester informs the team that they will be stealing a safety deposit box full of bonds. During the drive, the player who’s not driving is sent a special app on their phone that allows them to hack into the bank’s security system. Make sure to drive safely - Lester warns not to get the attention of any cops around.

Fleece Heist 1

Once the team has hacked into the bank, they will head to a meeting spot at Lester’s garment factory to swap cars and pick up Lester’s assistant, Paige, along with any necessary gear. From there, they will head to a garage and drop off the car, along with banking a couple thousands dollars for finishing the first section.


Stealing an Armored Car

Lester and Paige will get the board set up, and Lester will explain the role of the heist boss. If it’s the leader’s first time playing a heist, Lester will walk them through an introduction process and explain how the board works.

Fleece Heist 5

Lester explains that the team will be stealing a Kuruma, an armored car, from a gang holding it in a parking garage. The team will then select their clothing and vehicle for the mission.

Head to the top of the parking garage, put on the masks and get started. There are quite a few bad guys, so work together to take them down quickly and snatch the car. After getting the car, players will need to take it back to the garage while fending off a ton of enemies along the way. Make sure whoever is driving can handle the stress and a few bumps from other drivers, and that the passenger has a steady aim, as they’ll be in charge of gunning down enemies along the way. Any damage sustained to the car will reduce the cash prize at the end of the section.

Fleece Heist 6

Once the Kuruma is safely with Paige, Lester will deliver another payment.


The Heist

Fleece Heist 7

Now that everything is in place, the team is ready to rob the bank. However, the players must wait for Paige’s call before ytheycan finish the job and will be returned to free roam. Run around a bit until the heist leader hears from Lester’s assistant. Once Paige makes contact, the leader will reinvite the second player and the final action begins.

Head to the garage and take a look at the white board. The leader can review the heist payout and determine roles for each person and how the money will be split. The two roles are Driver and Driller, and the payout is around $150,000, minus the $11,500 leader set-up cost. Once everything is decided, players will again select their outfit and mask and head out.

Take the Kuruma to the Fleeca Bank. Just as before, the passenger will be sent an app on their phone and need to complete the game in order to hack into the bank. Unlike the first time using the app, the game is harder now and must be completed three times before the hack is successful.

Fleece Heist 9

The Driller opens the door and the duo will head into the bank. Once inside, the team can take out the four cameras or they can head straight to the designated areas. The Driller will then head behind the desk and get to work drilling the deposit box. Follow the prompts to get in, but be careful not to let the drill overheat.

Meanwhile, the Driver needs to keep a gun trained on the teller behind the counter so he doesn’t hit the alarm. If he hits the button, the mission is failed and the players will have to start this section over, so make sure to keep him sufficiently intimidated while the Driller does his job.

Fleece Heist 11

Once the box opens, the alarm will go off and the players will need to make a quick exit. There are a few cops outside, but they shouldn't be too difficult to dispatch. Jump in the Kuruma and get moving, but be mindful of the few road blocks along the way. Once the car reaches the bridge, the driver must match the speed of a hovering helicopter, which will pick the vehicle up and take it to safety.

Fleece Heist 13

And that’s it; the payout is decent and the team can celebrate with a beer. Overall, the heist should take less than an hour to complete.

Once players have completed the heist once, the follow-up attempts won’t have as large a payout. However, it’s a fun ride if for those with friends who need support and are looking for a buddy to play with. It’s definitely good practice for the next heist.

How was your experience with the Fleeca Job heist in GTA Online? What did you like or dislike about it? Share your feedback in the comments.

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