GTA Online Punishes Hackers With Exploding Car

By | 2 years ago 

Dealing with hackers and exploits is something that any developer of an online game has to deal with from time to time. Even the largest companies need to police and protect their online platforms. Sony and Microsoft found this out the hard way during the hacking attacks on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live last year. In general, most companies try to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible when a new exploit pops up, usually by removing the offending content from the game or by banning the offending account.

But Rockstar Games is not like most companies. The Grand Theft Auto V developer has a reputation for doing things with flair, and the company’s latest patch for Grand Theft Auto Online is no exception. Previously, players found an exploit that allowed them to bring a rare car from the single player game into the online version. Rockstar’s “fix” for this situation is hilarious and fits perfectly with the game’s style.

The Duke O’ Death is a car that all players who upgraded from the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version of the title to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version received. It’s a supercharged, highly durable car that easily runs other vehicles off the road. Bringing the car into the online version of the game gives the cheater a huge advantage over other players.

But now, when a player tries to get into the Duke O’ Death? Kaboom.

GTAV's Trevor with the Imponte Duke O'Death

Rockstar could’ve simply patched the game so that players could not bring the Duke O’ Death into the online world. They also could’ve instantly banned players, or removed the Duke O’ Death from the offending account. That wouldn’t have been as fun. Instead, the cheaters receive justice by having their exploit literally blow up in their faces. Well played, Rockstar. Well played.

Once they get in the car, there is no way for players to avoid getting killed. It’s an instant death every time. This is a hilarious way to fix the hack, but it’s actually having another, unforseen consequence, according to the comments on Kotaku. Some of the hackers, now aware that they can’t actually use the car, are still bringing it into the game, leaving it on the side of the road for an innocent passerby to find and steal. The car still blows up, even if it’s not the hacker who tries to get in. Ouch.

GTA 5 PC Screenshot 13

All in all, this kind of trolling fits perfectly with GTA Online. Rockstar will likely take further measures if hackers continue to use the cars as death traps, but for now, the GTA community seems to be quite pleased with how Rockstar handled this situation.

This should act as a fair warning for anyone planning on messing around with the game’s files when GTA V releases on PC later this month: any unauthorized modding or hacking could be hazardous to your in-game character’s health.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It releases on PC April 14, 2015. GTA V has sold more than 45 million copies on existing platforms.

Source: Kotaku