Today, Rockstar Games released an official trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Gunrunning update, providing a look at all of the illegal arms trafficking action possible in the upcoming DLC. Perhaps more importantly, though, the fresh piece of footage confirms the update’s release date, which is set for next week on June 13, 2017.

As seen below in Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Gunrunning trailer, players will be given the chance to become virtual kingpins of a weapons smuggling empire that ships and distributes arms out of Southern San Andreas. Among the activities noted, fans are going to be tasked with fortifying a subterranean bunker for research on the cutting edge of modern weapons technology, while striking fear in the hearts of those who oppose the underground enterprise with the use of a Mobile Operations Center and a new fleet of Weaponized Vehicles.

Previously released details for Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Gunrunning update shared a look at the Weaponized Vehicles through screenshots, detailing the likes of a new amphibious vehicle called the APC. Not to mention, the two-door muscle car known as the Tampa was shown with a complete makeover, as guns had been mounted to the roof of the car with an extended steel grill attached to the front bumper.

Taking into account all of the new materials that are being brought into Grand Theft Auto Online by way of the Gunrunning update and with previously released DLC such as the Bikers expansion and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, it makes sense as to why so many people are still playing GTA 5 and why new fans continue to flock toward the title in droves. With Grand Theft Auto 5 having shipped 80 million copies and counting since its release in 2013, it’s obvious Rockstar knows how to keep players engaged with the brand with a steady release of post-launch content.

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Gunrunning update launches in GTA 5 on June 13, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games – YouTube