Grand Theft Auto Online is Finally Getting a Casino

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One of the most highly requested additions for Grand Theft Auto Online is becoming a reality, developer Rockstar has revealed. In a message posted on Twitter, Rockstar announced that the long-awaited casino that players have been asking for is opening its doors soon. The luxury casino in Grand Theft Auto 5's Vinewood district has been dormant for years now, but with its next major update, Grand Theft Auto Online's first casino will go live.

Speculation about Grand Theft Auto Online's Vinewood casino has been running rampant in recent weeks, as attentive dataminers discovered hints in the game's patches. According to leaker "TezFunz2," Rockstar updated a script that will make changes to the casino as it's opening date nears. The first changes included the giant "Opening Soon" banner disappearing from the front of the casino, and multiple construction stands appeared near the front door.

Exactly how long Grand Theft Auto Online players will have to wait until the Vinewood casino is open to play in is unclear, but it's likely to be some time yet. The casino has to go through several phases of progress, as described in the leak. Rockstar will be detailing the content that players will be able to find in the casino before it goes live, at least. That means news about the casino, perhaps including a release date, will arrive soon.

The reason why the casino is so highly anticipated, and why players are frustrated to have waited so long, is pretty simple. The casino has had that "Opening Soon" banner hanging from the front of it since Grand Theft Auto Online launched in 2013. The wait wasn't made easier by the fact that a casino is a really great idea and feature to put into an online game like Grand Theft Auto Online. The wait is finally ending, though.

Today's bit of news from Rockstar about Grand Theft Auto Online also proved another interesting point. Even though Red Dead Online is now out of beta, Rockstar has no intention of stopping support for Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar's already spoken to this effect over a year ago, but to see it still in motion is another thing entirely. So long as Grand Theft Auto Online players keep going bankrupt in the new casino, and keep buying more GTA$, Rockstar will be there with more content.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as part of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Source: Twitter

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