GTA Online Car Costs Almost $1 Million, Can't Turn Left


A new car introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online costs almost $1 million in in-game cash, but a bug prevents it from turning left. The Infernus Classic is just one of several new updates to the online multiplayer mode that caters to racing fans, with the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit expansion proving a hit with virtual petrolheads.

Fans have been reporting issues with the new vehicle ever since it was introduced to the game last week. As evidenced in the video below, every time players try and turn left in Grand Theft Auto Online, the Infernus Classic and other vehicles including the 811, Vigero, Mamba, Gauntlet and Pigalle, they will spin out uncontrollably.

The exact cause of the bug is unknown, but some players have suggested that the problem lies with the cars' suspension as they act like they are being "slammed" (reportedly a widely used GTA Online racing trick) despite nothing being done to them. Fans have also had a closer look at the wheels noting that if you observe the rear right wheel of the Infernus Classic and other affected cars "you can see that it vibrates, and shakes up and down as you're driving."

While players are beginning to complain en masse and have already submitted support tickets to get developer Rockstar Games to do something about the bug, in the meantime, fans are feeling incredibly frustrated. Any bug that disrupts the game is upsetting, but as the Infernus Classic costs $915,000 and is a car that hasn't been in the Grand Theft Auto series since 2005, that's a lot of disappointment and a hefty cost to pay for something that doesn't work as intended.

Many would also argue that there's no telling how much Rockstar may have already made from the virtual vehicle already. GTA Online continues to make bank, as players shell out real money in microtransactions for virtual currency which is in turn used to buy cars like the Infernus Classic. Rockstar may well be raking it in for a car that is totally broken.

Of course, as reports of the cars' brokenness continue to circulate, it's unlikely that Rockstar will make much more money from players who want to buy the affected vehicles specifically. As such, fans will argue that it's in everybody's best interests for the developer to roll out a fix for the bug as soon as possible.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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