With Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Smuggler’s Run update out now, the video game developers at Rockstar Games have decided to keep the content train rolling right along with even more free DLC for the open world crime title. To be specific, the studio just recently added the new Bombushka Run mode alongside the brand new RM-10 Bombushka plane for players to enjoy in GTA 5‘s online multiplayer component.

For starters, Bombushka Run is a fresh team-based mode involving two squads of up to four players which pits one gunship that’s armed to the teeth against a fleet of agile and aerially nimble Buzzard Attack Helicopters. Both teams will have the chance to pilot the plane, and whichever one survives the longest while flying the Bombushka scores a win. Plus, in order to celebrate the launch of this brand new game mode, Bombushka Run will be issuing out double payouts to Grand Theft Auto Online players from now through September 25, 2017.

As far as the aforementioned gunship in Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Bombushka Run is concerned, the plane is officially called the RM-10 Bombushka. In addition to having room for six and front, top, and rear-mounted turret gun positions, the Bombushka also will provide players with an array of available upgrades from the Hangar Workshop. Those looking to upgrade the plane to its full potential will be able to add Explosive, Gas, Incendiary and Cluster bombs.

In order to remain consistent with the aerial theme involved with Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Bombushka Run update, fans will also see a bunch of different aircraft weapons and supplies go on sale this week. To be specific, players will be privy to 25% off Hangar Workshops, Aircraft weapons, Liveries for cars and aircraft, Resprays for cars and aircraft, Mobile Operations Center Cabs, and Executive Offices.

Without a doubt, Grand Theft Auto Online has brought Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive a huge amount of revenue, thanks in part to constant updates like Bombushka Run. as GTA Online fans are aware, the developer is constantly adding new vehicles and game modes, expanding the title well beyond the the wares that were available in the base game at its launch in 2013. So, taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see exactly when the companies decide to follow through with plans to rest the game’s updates.

Grand Theft Auto Online and all of its latest updates are available now in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.