Grand Theft Auto Online Bike DLC Launch Trailer

Rockstar Games releases a new trailer for its GTA Online: Bikers expansion, which brings new vehicles and activities to the online world of Los Santos.

Despite being more than three years old, Grand Theft Auto V continues to make impressive sales around the globe and keep players entertained. Developer Rockstar Games remains committed to providing a compelling experience for players, and regularly introduces new free DLCs to the Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer open world experience.

In celebration of the newest Grand Theft Auto Online expansion, GTA Online: Bikers, Rockstar has released an exciting trailer that shows off the new adventures that await players. From motorcycle club organizations and new missions, to dedicated clubhouses and over a dozen new bikes, there’s plenty for players to enjoy.

As the trailer shows, players can start their own motorcycle club with their friends or strangers, and claim one of 12 clubhouse locations to stake their claim. Through various business ventures, players can earn cash and reputation, and build their small motorcycle club into an empire of money and power. As the trailer claims, all these pieces work together to let players “Live the American Dream.”


With so much new content coming to GTA Online with the Bikers DLC, there’s plenty for players to do. Here’s what players can expect once they jump in to GTA Online: Bikers.

Motorcycle Clubs


Rockstar is going all in with the motorcycle clubs, giving players a chance to live out their fantasy as a true biker gang. Each motorcycle club can handle up to eight players, each with their own role and unique abilities. One player starts the gang and takes on the role of President, selecting one of 12 locations for the group’s clubhouse. Anyone wanting to join the club can enter as Prospects, and work their way to bigger roles, such as Vice President, Road Captain, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Enforcer. Each of these positions plays an important role in setting up motorcycle club challenges, gearing players up with body armor, and calling in hit squads.

Within the gang’s clubhouse, players can relax with darts and arm wrestling, or enjoy the various murals available for the clubhouse walls. Presidents can launch Clubhouse Contracts using the Contracts Wall, giving members Freemode missions that will earn the group GTA cash and reputation points.



Motorcycle clubs can go beyond the Clubhouse Contracts and open profitable businesses to bring cash and influence into the group. The group uses the Open Road online network to create a business around document forgery, cash counterfeiting, or narcotics distribution.

While motorcycle clubs work to build their businesses, rival factions will be on the lookout for opportunities to disrupt and capitalize on competitive supply runs and operations.

New Vehicles, Weapons, Clothes, and Tattoos


A motorcycle club wouldn’t be complete without new bikes and accessories to bring the group together. Rockstar Games is introducing 13 new vehicles, offering a range of styles and designs for players of all tastes. From Harley-style cruisers, to choppers, sport bikes, and ATVs, there’s enough to make any player happy.

Bikers will have access to a handful of new weapons, including a Battle Axe, Pool Cue, Pipe Wrench, Sweeper Shotgun, and Compact Grenade Launcher. Faction battles will undoubtedly get intense.

Finally, new clothes, hairstyles, and tattoos will allow motorcycle clubs to develop a look that’s wholly unique to their style and identity. Clubs will select from a variety of emblems, or create their own Crew Emblem to stand out from the competition.

These are just a few of the additions coming with the GTA Online: Bikers DLC. The addition will undoubtedly help Rockstar Games continue its impressive success with Grand Theft Auto Online. What do you think about GTA Online: Bikers? Are you planning to create a motorcycle club and build your own empire in Los Santos?

GTA Online: Bikers is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games (1, 2)

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