GTA Online’s Lowrider Update Gets A New Trailer

By | 1 year ago 

Rockstar Games releases a car-focused trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online‘s ‘lowriders’ update, a content drop that adds new cars, clothes and missions.

Grand Theft Auto 5‘s offline story mode offers players plenty to do as Michael, Franklin, or Trevor; but it’s the game’s online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto Online, that has kept players coming back to it again and again so long after its release. A big part of that is the updates that Rockstar Games has added to the title, with Heists and Freemode Events being two of the most popular content drops. The lowriders update is the next thing to be added to GTA Online and ahead of its release tomorrow (October 20) Rockstar has put out a new trailer.

Announced last week for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (Rockstar has ended last-gen support), the main feature of the GTA Online lowriders update is, of course, the lowriders. One of the most popular rides in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which was also set in Los Santos), fans have welcomed the fact that the slick rides will soon be available in GTA Online. To get in on the lowrider action, players have to open up the browser on the in-game smartphone and go to the website for Benny’s Original Motor Works to choose from six different lowriders.

Then, once the player character is sitting pretty behind the wheel of their new vehicle, they can get it customized by driving to Benny’s auto-shop which offers the “hottest vehicle customization in Los Santos”. Benny’s is able to customize a range of whips, not just lowriders (he’ll trick out everything “from vans to sedans” says the trailer) so the player’s entire garage can benefit from new paint jobs, new interiors (such as velour seats), engine modifications, sound systems and hydraulics, which will let GTA Online players bounce their vehicle’s wheels right off the ground.

That’s not the only thing that this GTA Online update brings with it, either, as NPC Lamar is also back to dole out some more missions and this time he’s letting players team up to take on two gangs: the Ballas and the Los Santos Vagos. Additionally, there will be new clothing options, new hairstyles, two new weapons (the machete and the machine pistol will be available from Ammu-Nation), three new Adversary Modes and players will also be able to purchase a fourth property. So while it’s not the GTA 5 story DLC that fans have been asking for, there’s plenty here to tide players over while they wait.

Are you excited for the GTA Online lowrider update? What else would you like Rockstar to add to the game? Leave a comment and let us know.