'Grand Theft Auto Online' Update: New Creator Features, Guns, & Vehicles

GTA Online Last Team Standing Update

For what seems like almost a year now, Rockstar Games has been regularly releasing updates and new content for Grand Theft Auto Online. They've added new modes, new weapons, and even new customization options, but so far Rockstar has yet to debut the content gamers have been waiting anxiously for: heists.

Unfortunately, today is not the day Grand Theft Auto Online finally gets new heists, but it does mark the release of another content update. This latest patch adds more Last Team Standing content to Grand Theft Auto 5's multiplayer side, as well as a few weapons, vehicles, and gameplay tweaks.

For starters, the update adds 10 new Last Team Standing jobs to Los Santos and Blaine County, providing players with more Rockstar-developed experiences to enjoy. However, those players who want to create Last Team Standing jobs of their own can now do so thanks to an update to the Job Creator tool.

With the tool, players can tweak the round and capture count for their own Last Team Standing jobs, or tweak the counts in existing jobs. The Last Team Standing Creator also gives players the option to limit weapon use in the job, like making the match Snipers Only.

Other new additions for the Last Team Standing Update include a heavy shotgun and marksman rifle, as well as three new vehicles. Players can now race around on the Shitzu Hakuchou sport bike, the LCC Innovation chopper, or the Lampadati Furore GT sports car and be the envy of their friends. Rockstar also added new clothing options to GTA Online, but did not announce specifics. We do know that bulletproof helmets are part of the package, though.

GTA Online Gun - Heavy Shotgun

And finally, some general housekeeping changes have been made that include the following tweaks and changes:

  • Players are now able to go On-call for activities (Arm-Wrestling, Darts, Golf etc.).
  • Players are now able to Quick Match with friends or alone to activities (Arm-Wrestling, Darts, Golf etc.) using the option in the phone.
  • Betting limits have been increased from GTA$2,500 to GTA$10,000.

Overall, the Last Team Standing Update sounds like a significant one, but like we mention it's still not the Heists Update GTA Online players have been waiting for. Rather, any new update that isn't Heists is sure to anger fans even more as Rockstar has promised time and time again that the highly anticipated mode is coming. Sure, Heists may have been delayed, but nobody expected to wait this long.

Chances are, gamers will now have to wait until the launch of the next-gen and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 before Rockstar begins talking about Heists again. And since those versions don't launch until November and early next year, the wait only seems to be getting longer. Luckily there's some new content to enjoy in the mean time.

What do you think of this latest Grand Theft Auto Online update? Do you enjoy the Last Team Standing mode?

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