Grand Theft Auto IV: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed

Grand Theft Auto IV is a massive open world, even by today's standards. It's also incredibly dense. Whereas games like Grand Theft Auto V and San Andreas feature large swaths of empty desert and lonely country roads, Grand Theft Auto IV is set entirely in Liberty City.

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Aside from Middle Park, there is little green space, few empty roads, and next to no areas to catch your breath away from the noisy streets and bright city lights. As such, there are many areas that could be missed.

These are ten hidden areas you didn't know existed in Grand Theft Auto IV.

10 The Car On Happiness Island

Happiness Island is the Grand Theft Auto IV equivalent of Liberty Island. As such, it is surrounded by water and most certainly inaccessible to cars. However, it seems like no one actually told the game that. On the west side of the island, there is a random spawn. On some occasions, this spawn will be a car or a motorcycle.

This odd and incredibly out of place spawn will allow you to drive around Happiness Island, and it proves to be the only option for doing so. We don't know WHY you would want to drive around the island, but hey, the option is there!

9 Inside The Statue

While we're on the subject of Happiness Island, did you know that you can access the inside of the Statue of Happiness? To access the interior of the statue, you need to ride a helicopter into Happiness Island and jump onto the upper platform of the statue.

On this platform is a door with signs hilariously reading "no hidden content this way." However, there absolutely IS hidden content that way, and all you need to do is walk through the door to access it. Inside you will find a ladder and a massive beating heart. We don't know WHY the statue has a heart, but it's actually quite creepy.

8 Car Wrecks

Finding Easter eggs is one of the primary joys of playing the Grand Theft Auto games. While some, like accessing the statue's heart, are complex and unintuitive, others are much easier and more accessible. In the south side of Beachgate, there is a broken fence at the end of a street. If you traverse the broken fence, you will see two wrecked cars sitting over the side of the road near some rocks.

It's likely that these cars got into a crash and plowed through the barrier, and no one saw or heard the accident. There's nothing really creepy about it, but it is a little sad...

7 Traffic Cone Statue

The Grand Theft Auto games are often littered with ridiculous Easter eggs. Case in point - the experimental art statue with a traffic cone on its head. This bizarre and equally hilarious statue can be found in Hatton Gardens, inside the courtyard of the Civilization Committee Building. It looks like a gray blob with arms, legs, and a round head.

It is also adorned with a traffic cone hat for some silly reason. Don't ask us why. It just reminds us of experimental art pieces littered around various cities, and it helps give Liberty City a realistic character. We love Easter eggs like this.

6 For Those About To Build...We Salute You

This Easter egg can be found behind the Meadows Park Church. Meadows Park Church can be found in....well, Meadows Park, an area of Dukes. The church can be located near the McReary's house. If you go behind the church, you will find a lovely graveyard.

Inside this graveyard is a tomb with an odd epitaph that reads "Roll of Honor 'War of the Deadline' 1869-1869. For those about to build...we salute you."

The tomb is also adorned with various beautiful wreaths. This is likely a reference to the AC/DC song "For Those About to Rock...We Salute You," which is an absolute banger of a rock tune.

5 Faustin's Backyard

Most people will simply gaze at Mikhail Faustin's mansion and drive right by. What many may not know is that you can access the backyard, and what you find there may be quite surprising. Mikhail's mansion in the gated community of Beachgate (the same area where the two cars are located).

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Despite the building being inaccessible and surrounded by a brick wall, you can still hop the wall and walk around to the backyard. While there, you will spot two distinct blood trails between the lawn and the door. We don't even want to know what went on here, but knowing Mikhail Faustin, it probably wasn't pretty.

4 Mini GTA Locations

It's quite hard to miss Funland. It's smack dab in the middle of Firefly Island, and, you know, you can't exactly miss the roller coasts and massive Ferris wheel. While Funland is not functional, you can wander around its attractions, and inside is a miniature golf course. However, this isn't just any mini-golf course.

On it are various miniature versions of various past Grand Theft Auto locations, including the Jefferson Towers from San Andreas and both the lighthouse and Ocean View Hotel from Vice City. Those seeking a little GTA nostalgia would do well to locate the mini-golf course.

3 National Union Of Contemporary Arts

The National Union of Contemporary Arts is a large building located on Dukes Boulevard in East Island City. It is largely modeled after the MoMA PS1, an art institution located in Queens. While the building is large and quite assuming, you can actually access its unique courtyard.

In the courtyard are several pieces of art by prominent (fictional) artist Bao and a ridiculous sculpture that you need to see to believe. Suffice it to say, it looks like a stick figure with a...prominent part of the male anatomy. Leave it to Rockstar to include such immature (but hilarious) Easter eggs in their games!

2 Sultan RS

The Sultan RS is an extremely rare sports car in Grand Theft Auto IV. Outside of Brucie's races, there is next to no chance of finding one in the game. That is unless you go to Westdyke, Alderney, where there is a run-down mansion. Go behind this mansion and follow the dirt roads to the very end.

Here you will see the rare and incredibly valuable Sultan RS sitting in some bushes. It's a wonderful find, and it's the only place in the entire game that the car can be obtained. You'd do well to grab the car and stash it in a garage because there is no way you'll be finding one on the streets.

1 The Cockpit Of The Maverick

This one isn't really a LOCATION per se, but it's still a hidden area that most people will never access. So we're counting it! If you switch to first-person mode (which is only accessible with a mod) while inside the Maverick helicopter, you will be granted access to the helicopter's cockpit. This is inaccessible while in the traditional third-person mode.

However, there's more to it than that!

Inside is a wonderful Easter egg that reads "This helicopter might crash but we really don't care if it does. Refer to flight manual for help." Now that's reassuring! It's also amazing that Rockstar decided to stick that in in the first place, considering there is no way to access first-person without using the mod!

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