Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

Grand Theft Auto V is a super fun game. Even though it seems like GTA 6 may be on the horizon, there are still people all over the world that are playing and re-playing the story mode of GTA V over and over and playing with friends and strangers on the online mode. But anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto V will know that it's definitely not easy to finish matches or go up against other players if you don't have the best weapons.

More weapons are unlocked as you rank up through the game, which can be done by gaining XP in jobs. As you progress through the levels, you receive access to more and more powerful weapons. But, as any Grand Theft Auto V player will know, not all weapons are created equal, and we definitely don't want to waste any of our hard-earned money on a weapon that isn't great. To see the 10 most powerful weapons in GTA V ranked from worst to best, keep reading.

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10 Micro SMG

The Micro SMG is a submachine gun that has been in the Grand Theft Auto series for several games now and is definitely a popular game for people to carry with them. With the extended magazine purchased, the Micro SMG can hold 30 rounds, which is a step up from the 16 rounds that it can hold when it's initially purchased.

Even though the Micro SMG has one of the lowest magazine capacities when the player first picks it up, the fact that the extended magazine doubles make it a lot easier to manage without having to worry about constantly reloading. This is the only SMG available for use while driving, making it a pretty good choice for when you're on the go.

9 Compact Grenade Launcher

The Compact Grenade Launcher is a weapon in Grand Theft Auto Online that was added as part of the game's Bikers update. Even though this weapon only holds a single grenade, meaning that it has to be reloaded after every single shot, it actually reloads really quickly. That means that it's not going to take too long between shots, and this weapon is powerful enough to take out more intense enemies like armored cars.

The Compact Grenade Launcher may not be the weapon for every job that you're going to be on when you hit the streets of Los Santos, but the fact that it's powerful enough to take out vehicles or large groups of enemies in a single shot makes it a good choice for many tasks.

8 Heavy Revolver Mk II

The Heavy Revolver Mk II is a weapon that was introduced into Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Doomsday Heist update. This weapon will set the player back a total of $99,000 as a conversion at the Weapon Workshop, but it's definitely well worth the slightly hefty price tag.

This weapon does more damage than the regular Heavy Revolver and it's able to shoot faster than that one as well, meaning that it's definitely a step up from the Heavy Revolver. Another bonus for this weapon is the fact that it's able to use several different types of ammo like incendiary rounds, tracer rounds, and hollow-point rounds, just to name just a few.

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7 Advanced Rifle

The Advanced Rifle is a weapon that has a pretty low price considering how powerful this weapon is. When purchased in GTA V, this weapon will set the player back $3,500 while playing online, and this means that this weapon will cost the player $14,250. Like other weapons, this Advanced Rifle has several different upgrades that can be purchased to make it even handier.

The Advanced Rifle is among the weapons that do the most damage per shot in the assault rifle class. While that's pretty impressive, the fact that this weapon doesn't have a higher accuracy rating is what stopped this weapon from being placed a little higher up on this list.

6 Special Carbine

The Special Carbine is a weapon that is available in GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online for $14,750 at Ammu-Nation. This assault rifle has several upgrades that can be purchased like extended magazines and a scope to make it an even better choice for many jobs.

This weapon has a higher damage per shot rating than many weapons in its class and it has a pretty high accuracy rating, meaning that those shots are definitely going to land in the enemies, even if you're trying to take them down while on the run. The reason this weapon isn't ranked slightly higher on this list is because its range isn't quite as extensive as some other weapons in its class.

5 Sticky Bomb

Sticky bombs are an explosive featured in GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online that cost $400 and $600 per Sticky Bomb, respectively. Although these are slightly on the pricier side and it may seem more worth it to sink that money into weapon upgrades and ammo, the Sticky Bomb is still a really powerful and solid choice.

The main advantage of these over other explosives is the fact that they can be tossed onto their target and the player can get far enough away to not get hurt before they hit that detonator. Because they can be stuck onto the side of any vehicle, these are popular for use on moving targets or while on the go.

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4 Combat MG Mk II

The Combat MG Mk II is a weapon that appears in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update and costs $119,000 as a conversion in the Weapon Workshop. This weapon has a capacity of 100 rounds, or 200 if the extended magazine is purchased, which is slightly reduced if you load it up with specialized ammo.

This weapon is particularly powerful against enemies and vehicles alike and can fire really quickly, meaning that you definitely don't have to worry about anyone getting away or taking you out first. This weapon can use various different types of specialized ammo, including tracer rounds, incendiary rounds, and armor-piercing rounds to name a few.

3 Heavy Sniper Mk II(Explosive Rounds)

The Heavy Sniper Mk II is a sniper rifle in Grand Theft Auto Online that costs $165,375 as a conversion at the Weapon Workshop. On its own, this weapon is already a fairly powerful one that does quite a bit of damage against enemies at a long-range.

But to make this weapon extra powerful, players should upgrade it to use its special explosive ammo in order to add that much more power behind each shot. The only downside to using specialized ammo is that the capacity is lowered to only four rounds. But, with this weapon, that won't be a problem.

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2 Pump Shotgun MKII (Explosive Rounds)

The Pump Shotgun Mk II is a shotgun that was added in the Doomsday Heist update of Grand Theft Auto Online. It costs $82,500 in the Weapon Workshop as a conversion and is a more powerful version of the default shotgun. This weapon is a pretty reliable, powerful weapon on its own, but there's a way to make it an even better choice against many enemies.

When loaded up with the explosive rounds, the Pump Shotgun Mk II's already powerful shots become even more devastating against most enemies. Along with the explosive slugs, this weapon is capable of using several different kinds of specialized ammo, making it a pretty solid choice.

1 AP Pistol

The AP Pistol is a weapon that is available in GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online. This weapon is unlocked either after finishing the Three's Company mission in GTA V or after reaching rank 33 in Grand Theft Auto Online and costs $1,000 or $5,000, respectively.

The AP Pistol has a high level of accuracy, powerful shots, and shoots very quickly, meaning that this weapon is definitely the best choice for shooting while driving. Even if you're not in the car, the AP Pistol is a reliable weapon and definitely one of the most popular for many players.

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