From motion capture resumes (that turned out to be fake) to the various rumors on location settings (such as Tokyo), fans have been trying to glean information about a potential Grand Theft Auto 6 from any source. Now, the latest to offer up a tidbit is none other than the voice actor of Trevor from Grand Theft Auto 5, Steven Ogg.

In a new interview with, the topic of Grand Theft Auto 6 was brought up, and Ogg was asked whether he knew anything about the potential game or if he was involved in any way. His response will prove to be disappointing for fans, though, as the voice actor says he has “no idea” about any new Grand Theft Auto game, before mentioning that the actors are generally the “last to know anything” in these sort of projects.

“I’ve heard about that, and people keep asking me, but I have no idea. The actor is the last to know anything, honestly. Like in everything.”


When asked about his work on Trevor some four years ago, Ogg reflected on the fond memories he had of playing the character, saying that the motion capture process played a major part in capturing Trevor’s “craziness.” But as far as the character returning in future Grand Theft Auto games, Ogg thinks it is highly unlikely given how each new installment features a brand-new story and set of characters.

“He’s a great character, I don’t think they really follow … Those series don’t really follow the characters, they’re separate, so … GTA 6 is what it is and I wish whoever, whatever it is, all the best.”

It’s not too surprising that Ogg would not know much about a new Grand Theft Auto game, given how secretive Rockstar is about its projects. Having said that, fans should not expect a Grand Theft Auto 6 any time soon either as the company is still focused on supporting Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online for the time being due to the continued success of both titles.

While a new installment Grand Theft Auto remains up in the air, fans can expect a new Rockstar game relatively soon. The highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for release in Spring 2018.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has yet to be officially announced.