Not too long ago, an alleged resume for the stunt actor Tim Neff surfaced online, potentially pointing toward some recent motion capture work done for Grand Theft Auto 6, which caused many to speculate whether or not the forthcoming sequel from Rockstar Games is actually in production. Unfortunately, the curriculum vitae in question has now been outed as a fake by the actor himself, extinguishing the hopes that the title is in active development.

According to the fine folks over at PCGamesN, the resume showing Neff’s acting work for Grand Theft Auto 6 is an elaborate ruse, as the gaming outlet managed to get in touch with the actor to clear the air over the leak. As Neff explained, he has no clue if the sequel is currently in the works, as he hasn’t done anything for Rockstar Games since the last GTA, saying, “That isn’t my page, account or resume. I don’t even know that website. I worked on GTA 5 a long time ago and haven’t done anything since. Sorry for the confusion. It seems I’m being trolled online really badly.”

While Neff stepping up to claim that the resume with the Grand Theft Auto 6 credit is a complete fabrication will certainly be enough to make many realize that the game is likely not in active development at the moment, the fact that the CV is still able to be viewed online should be evidence enough to quell such rumors. After all, Rockstar Games is typically quite swift with its takedown notices, and should the GTA 6 listing have been real, it surely would’ve been scrubbed from the Web by now.

Of course, even though Tim Neff’s resume pointing toward his role in Grand Theft Auto 6 is a sham, it’s safe to presume that the game is in development in some form or fashion, but is more than likely in the nascent stages of creation. About a year ago, a source close to Rockstar Games proclaimed that GTA 6 is in development, but it was so early in production at that point in time that the studio had yet to even pick a location for where the sequel would be set. With this being the case, there’s no telling how long it will be before the company officially announces the title as being a reality.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has yet to be properly announced by Rockstar Games.

Source: PCGamesN