Rumor: First Grand Theft Auto 6 Screenshots Leak Online

rumor: first grand theft auto 6 screenshots leak online

Ever since Red Dead Redemption 2 launched last year, rumors have been swirling about the next project from Rockstar Games. Rockstar itself hasn't made any announcements, but reports have pointed to Rockstar's next game being either Bully 2 or Grand Theft Auto 6. These rumors have been fueled about supposed "leaks" - some potentially real, most fake. The latest "leak" comes from Reddit, where a since-deleted post from a since-deleted account posted three screenshots of what they claim is Grand Theft Auto 6.

The supposed Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked screenshots show what is implied to be a teaser trailer of some kind. We see the back of a character's head, who appears to be near a city lit up with pink neon lights. Another picture is a close-up of a cop car, which is notably older looking than the cop cars seen in Grand Theft Auto 5. The third and final Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked screenshot is supposedly gameplay, and it shows a plane at an airport.

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We must stress that there is absolutely no reason to believe that these supposed Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked screenshots are real. After all, the Bully 2 leaked screenshots turned out to be fake, and chances are high that these are fake as well. However, if we assume they are real for a moment, they do paint an interesting narrative.

grand theft auto 6 screenshot leak
grand theft auto 6 screenshot leak
grand theft auto 6 screenshot leak

Other Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks have claimed that the game will take place in Vice City, and others still have said that the game will be spread out across multiple cities and time periods. The pink neon lights certainly indicate that the game is set in Vice City, and the older-looking police vehicle could be a sign that it's set in the 70s or 80s. So it seems that if these Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked screenshots are real, they seem to corroborate other "leaks" about the game.

Again, fans should take these screenshots with a massive grain of salt and assume they're fake until proven otherwise. We'll just have to wait for Rockstar itself to share more information before we'll know if its next game is Bully 2GTA 6, or something else entirely. Since it removed the Red Dead Redemption 2 banner from its offices, though, one has to imagine that an announcement about Rockstar's next game could be coming sooner rather than later.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

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