Grand Theft Auto 6: Everything We Know So Far

When rumors about a potential new video game start circulating, it really gets people talking. Even though a lot of these rumors really might not pan out the way that we expect, we're still super excited for what the future of our favorite game series holds. The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for a long time and definitely has a lot of loyal fans. Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a few years now, so the rumors around what's next for the series are definitely getting more and more prevalent.

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Although there aren't a lot of concrete details about what we can expect from Grand Theft Auto VI just yet, fans definitely have hopes about what the game will include. And some rumors and things going on with Rockstar lately have fans thinking that the game may not be too far off.

To see everything we know so far about Grand Theft Auto VI, keep reading!

10 What Is GTA VI?

Grand Theft Auto VI is the highly anticipated upcoming game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It's the sixth game in the main series and follows the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V, a game that was released in 2013.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise allows players to live out the life of a criminal mastermind. The game allows them to do jobs and get rich from some questionable means. Grand Theft Auto V is still super popular even though it came out a few years ago. It allows players either to play the beloved storyline or the online sandbox mode where they can basically do anything they want with a custom character.

9 When Is It Coming Out?

Unfortunately, no one knows yet. While this is definitely the top question for fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise who just want to know when they can get their hands on the game, no one knows yet. Rockstar hasn't even officially acknowledged that there isGrand Theft Auto VI. But considering how popular this franchise is, it's safe to say that there definitely will be one.

It's likely that it's not going to be coming out any time in 2019. While we can hope that it might see a 2020 release, the general consensus seems to be that it'll likely be coming sometime in 2021 or even 2022. While we know that's a long wait, we trust that it's because Rockstar is making the game absolutely perfect.

8 What Console Will It Be On?

This is another huge question that no one has the answers to yet. Even though there has been no word from Rockstar yet, it's still safe to say that part of the reason Rockstar hasn't released the game yet is because they're waiting for the next generation of consoles.

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Many experts in the gaming industry believe that Grand Theft Auto VI is going to be released on the next Xbox console and the PlayStation 5, whenever they're released. This game will likely be like other Grand Theft Auto games in that it will probably also be put on the PC, but maybe not immediately at launch.

7 Apparent Changes At Rockstar's HQ

According to Edinburgh Live, there have been some major changes going down at Rockstar's offices. Apparently, they took down the giant Red Dead Redemption 2 banner recently. Considering what a massive success that game was and continues to be, people believe that the only reason it might be taken down is because Rockstar is getting ready to announce something new.

It's entirely possible that the fact that they're redecorating really doesn't mean anything and it could also mean that the new announcement is a different game. But, Rockstar definitely knows there's a lot of buzz around GTA VI, so a lot of people think these events may be connected.

6 Rockstar Is Hiring

Making video games takes a lot of people and a lot of time. When people noticed that Rockstar had put up a new job listing, it lifted some major eyebrows. The listing specified that it was looking for an "Environment Artist" and the description mentioned open-world video games.

Grand Theft Auto is far from the only game series that has open-world settings, but since a huge part of Grand Theft Auto V that many people loved was the open online mode, this definitely got people talking. Rockstar may be hiring for another upcoming game - like Bully 2 or maybe even a brand new title - but it's hard not to think this might be about GTA VI.

5 Project Americas

There have been quite a few alleged leaks and rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI that have made their way onto the Internet. Most of them have since been deleted and it's hard to say whether or not their sources are trustworthy, but if they are, they could spell some exciting news for the future of the series.

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According to one leak that was posted to Reddit before being deleted, Grand Theft Auto VI is currently being worked on under the code name "Project Americas." This code name is fitting considering the leak also states that the game is supposedly going to be set in Vice City, Liberty City, and in a South American city based on Rio de Janeiro.

4 A Major Throwback

According to that same leak of rumors from Reddit user JackOLantern1982, the game is going to be a huge throwback. It states that Rockstar is looking for a '70s and '80s-inspired soundtrack, meaning that it sounds like the game is going to be set back in one of those decades.

Considering the success of throwback movies and TV shows like Netflix's Stranger Things, this wouldn't be too much of a stretch. It's hard to say whether or not these rumor posts have any truth to them, but they're definitely enough to get fans excited.

3 Another Multi-Character Game?

Grand Theft Auto let the player play through the storylines of multiple different characters. That was a really fun and unique aspect of the game and it had people wondering if it would be part of the next game as well.

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Once again, this isn't something that anyone has answers to just yet. But, there have been a lot of different rumors all over the Internet about what people believe the game is going to include. Unfortunately, these rumors are conflicting. While some say they'll allow the player to control multiple characters again, others claim there will be a single protagonist.

2 And The Return Of Old Favorites

Remember Martin Madrazo? If you've played Grand Theft Auto V, you're definitely already familiar with this name. He's the leader of a huge cartel and someone that gives the player multiple jobs over the course of the game.

According to the deleted post of leaks from Reddit user JackOLantern1982, we haven't seen the last of Martin Madrazo. But instead of being the current Martin Madrazo that we know, JackOLantern1982 states that the game will be set in the past and that it will feature a younger Martin Madrazo and his father. this is only a rumor and we have no idea if he'll really make an appearance, but this is definitely intriguing.

1 The Weather System Improved

Weather was a pretty minor part of Grand Theft Auto V. Driving in the rain was made slightly harder because of the slippery roads, but it was nothing that huge. This is something that a lot of fans hoped would change with the newest game in the franchise.

According to some leaks and rumors about the game, Rockstar has decided to take the weather system in the game to the next level. This is like all the other rumors that we've heard about the game in that there's no way to know how true it is, but it's still exciting. According to these rumors, major weather events like hurricanes are going to seriously impact the way you drive. While we don't know if this is the case, we really hope that Rockstar improves the weather system.

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