Zombies and Horses Uncovered in ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Code

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Grand Theft Auto V first released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 more than eighteen months ago, but only reached the PC earlier this week. The latest version of the title contains all the content from the current gen console re-release, as well as an all-new video editor — but it seems that the game’s code might hide some hints as to what’s next for Los Santos.

One of the reasons that the game’s PC port has been so hotly anticipated is the scope for fan-created mods that it allows for. Modding tools are still under development by the vibrant community that sprang up around GTA IV, but for now it’s possible to look under the hood and see what files make up the game.

A GTA Forums user going by the name GooD-NTS has released some lists of these files to the public, which were then looked over by YouTuber ZZCOOL. His findings include several reference to content not seen in the base game, which suggests that there’s still more to be added to GTA V.

Files that appear to be horse sound effects have been uncovered, as well as several files labelled with the word ‘zombie’. There has been plenty of speculation as to whether DLC for the game would be themed around zombies a la Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, and this would seem to be a convincing piece of evidence towards that — or an expertly placed red herring.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Other findings include a set of files that reference fitness minigames reminiscent of the gym in San Andreas, and a strange set of files that are explicity labelled ‘DLC’. Fans are no doubt eager for some all-new story content, but this doesn’t sound like it — the files are named ‘dlc_apartment_brush_hair’, ‘dlc_apartment_brush_teeth’, and ‘dlc_apartment_wash_face’.

Expect to see more information uncovered as fans have more time to pore over the huge amount of file names being circulated by modders. There could well be some very revealing content hidden away — and it will be interesting to see whether Rockstar makes any moves to restrict viewing such files, or even make a DLC announcement to avoid being beaten to the punch,

We may even see a solution to the Mount Chiliad mystery, something that has evaded players since the initial release of the game. Or, it might finally give us some definitive insight into DLC plans for the game. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear that fans aren’t anywhere near done with Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: VG247