‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Zombie DLC Seemingly Confirmed

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After news broke yesterday that Grand Theft Auto 5 could be getting single player zombie DLC, many a loud, virtual voice could be heard across the Internet as irate gamers voiced their opinions on the matter. On one hand, some complained that the zombie genre needs to stay deader than the shuffling corpses we’re often faced with killing, while some just called out the validity of the proof.

The latter came in part as several GTA V players and prominent YouTubers looked into various parts of GTA V’s code. Some players noted that the acronym “ZMB” was referenced in the game’s programming and in the absence of any other explanation, it could only mean that zombie gameplay would be coming to the billion dollar earning title. That scant amount of so-called proof, paired with the suggestion that it would be a PS4 exclusive, only further highlighted the theory’s deficiencies.

However, there’s a far better case being made for GTA V’s zombie DLC today as new videos and new strings of code from the game only help to bump this rumor up to ‘irrefutable’ status.


With information again posted online in a video from YouTube user Chr0m3xMoDz, they are claiming to have uncovered a hidden DLC menu within GTA V that really lets the cat out of the bag. “Trevor” and “Dead” are the two available options and with Trevor being part of the main single player cast and his DLC likely staying offline too, it seems that undead decapitating will be a strictly single player affair.

An undecorated DLC screen hardly makes for a rock solid case, though, but it’s the extra source code images that Chr0m3xMoDz included that form the biggest argument. As though Rockstar Games could not have more clearly signposted their Grand Theft Auto 5 plans, select “Dead” and the game will then run a check to see if you’ve purchased the (obviously not available yet) DLC by searching for something called “SPZOMBIES” - as conspicuous a name as ever.

Why not MPZOMBIES? Why not just ‘ZOMBIES’ by its lonesome? These are all questions to ask Rockstar, who are notoriously watertight even when speculation cranks up the pressure (see: GTA V’s next-gen announcement) though even if they don’t answer them just yet the problems that GTA Online faced just to get the mode online (and then the subsequent outages experienced thereafter) suggests that multiplayer is still a bit of a temperamental thing.

It’s also worth nothing that Chr0m3xMoDz was one of two GTA V players to be referenced in yesterday’s news that the game could be getting casino DLC too and that was backed up by gameplay footage (most notably casino decor and an “opening soon” banner on one of the casino’s fronts) and source code. So while two rumors don’t make for a confirmation, this rumor looks set to become reality sometime soon.

Source: GTA Forums

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