There’s nothing more frustrating than when a glitch causes a mission to break, something that Twitch streamer DarkViperAU is more than a little aware of, after his world record Grand Theft Auto 5 run was brought to a tragic conclusion during the incredibly-popular game‘s final heist. Although the veteran GTA player was well on his way to beating the previous record of 6:36:48 with load times counted, a series of unfortunate events killed any hope the man had of achieving victory.

The sixth heist mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 is called The Big Score and the ‘subtle’ approach involves a sequence where players must drive their car onto the trailer of a moving truck, or risk mission failure. While on track to complete the game at a record time of 6:33:29, a glitch occurred that made this sequence impossible, crushing DarkViperAU’s dream of becoming the new world champion.

First, gunfire from the overhead police helicopter took out the gamer’s back tire with just a few shots, then the game mysteriously threw the protagonist’s car off to the left side of the road, straight into oncoming traffic. By the time DarkViperAU was able to make it back the correct position, the streamer had lost too much time and the countdown expired just before the car could enter the trailer.

grand theft auto 6 motion capture

In a thread on Reddit later, DarkViperAU  gave his thoughts on the situation:

“The helicopter shooting out my tire was unlucky. The bug occurring that threw me into the air and over to the other side of the road was insane. The loss of my tire then prevented me from getting into the back of the truck was infuriating. It was all nothing compared to how sickening that softlock was. Even after the first fail I was still on pace to WR by 2 minutes. That run was easily the best Classic% run that has ever existed and I don’t think it will be topped by anyone for a long time.”

The softlock the streamer is referring to comes in the form of a broken truck, which wouldn’t let the player enter with his car on subsequent attempts. No matter how many times the experienced player reset the mission, the game remained bugged and Franklin was unable to drive into the trailer, causing the world record attempt, and the entire run, to come to a crashing halt.

For those players who are less into pushing themselves to the limits, Grand Theft Auto 5 modders New Home Cinema have recently released a new mod that allows players to go to space in-game, visiting three different moons and eleven different planets. The mod is sure to come hand in hand with a few glitches of its own, but it’s safe to say that none will be as frustrating as the one DarkViperAU experienced.

Grand Theft Auto is out now for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One

Source: TwitchReddit