Let’s be honest, at this point we know what to expect from a Grand Theft Auto game. The formula has only been slightly tweaked over the years, with the series claiming the title of being the single-most-cited franchise for its dedication to violence, drug use, criminal activity, and every single other negative influence that a game could have on the youth of the world.

But then Rockstar Games took a break. In the absence of GTA, the publisher brought to market a gripping western open-world experience with Red Dead Redemption that redefined the developer, and the notion of a ‘mature’ video game in the minds of many. Then the company followed that up by giving their vote of confidence to L.A. Noire, a 1950s police drama that replaced gunplay and violence with detective work and cinematic storytelling. So now that our perceptions of exactly what a Rockstar title is have so greatly changed, we can’t help but wonder about what Grand Theft Auto V will offer. Sure the GTAV trailer on the way, but that doesn’t stop our minds from racing until then.

The basic premise and attitude of the game are a given, and it’s a good bet that vehicle destruction and a vast arsenal of weaponry will be on hand for the loyal fans. We’ve even got a pretty good idea of how Grand Theft Auto 5 the gameplay will look. Now that we’ve had four titles to play through, and some new ideas explored in the series’ downtime, we’ve got more than a few hopes and demands for Rockstar to hear.

We’ve put together a list of some of the things we most hope to see with Grand Theft Auto V, and some shifts that could truly take Rockstar, and the series to new heights.

Improved Shooting Mechanic

Grand Theft Auto Shooting Mechanics

We’re not going to waste any time here, and immediately point out that while GTA may have advanced in leaps and bounds where graphics and storytelling are concerned, the same primitive shooting system has been carried over. In this age of triple-A shooters being released on a near-monthly schedule, Rockstar has to address this issue, and fast.

Snap-to targeting, snap-to cover, and awkward sprinting and spinning are all aspects of the shooting that have given players headaches over the years, and there is really no excuse for it to continue. Throwing a molotov cocktail at your feet, or being completely unable to dispatch an enemy who happens to be standing next to a doorway you’ve walked through are problems of a bygone era. The guns themselves are a blast, and the combat scenarios aren’t particularly broken, but the shooting mechanic (even in Red Dead Redemption‘s gunslinger milieu) are more likely to make a player feel frustrated than bad-ass.

A solution could mean moving to a Gears of War 3-style free-aiming third person view, adopting a more intuitive cover system, or even throwing in a first-person view to avoid the need to run around a room just to make a complete turn. If GTA V plans to heighten the stakes like GTA IV‘s bank heist did, and we certainly hope they do, then this problem could be a major drawback to the series if it isn’t addressed soon.

A real getaway driver…

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