Websites Provide Possible 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Hints

Grand Theft Auto 5 Website Clues

Grand Theft Auto remains one of the biggest names and franchises in gaming. Grand Theft Auto 4 was a huge hit. Even without any official information from Rockstar, everyone knows Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming and people are expecting big things. As with any major game -- especially those with little or no official information released -- gamers and fans scour the internet for any nuggets of information available. This time it looks like some of that internet sleuthing might have payed off regarding Grand Theft Auto 5.

A forum poster over on spent time examining the site and realized the WHOIS registration lead back to Rockstar Games. That provided enough of a spark to warrant more investigating. After looking at the site's DNS IP, the poster decided to look at all the other sites hosted in the same block.

While the sites hosted in that same block may or may not necessarily be related to Grand Theft Auto 5, it is certainly one way to learn possible hints at locations, gangs, or other fun items that might be included or related to the game. This certainly is not the first time a little internet investigation turned up possible GTA 5 news. Information about domains registered by Take-Two Interactive and possible casting sessions discovered online also seem to point to GTA 5.

Some of the interesting sites discovered this time around include: (possibly ride bikes again?) (california setting?) (not sure what the relation to carolina would be)cookinganything.comcouchparty.comdrcarlton.comedrugs.comfamouszone.comf* (possible radio station) (Carolina?)   { Possible Group/Gang } { Possible Group/Gang } { Possible Group/Gang } { Possible Group/Gang } (Westcoast setting?)

With this new information, other forum members over at have been doing their best to see what might be uncovered from these and other sites hosted in that same block. So far, no concrete information has emerged, but it is certainly interesting. Of course, if and when any Grand Theft Auto 5 news breaks you can bet we will have the full scoop for your here on Game Rant.

What is your take on these domains/registered sites? Do you think any of them could point to hints regarding Grand Theft Auto 5? When do you think Rockstar will reveal some official information about GTA 5? Any locations, gangs, or characters you hope are or are not included in the fifth installment of the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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