Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets a True Detective Trailer

By | 1 year ago 

Bring up Grand Theft Auto 5 to almost anyone in the gaming world, and it’s easy to see a little glint of joy sparkle in their eyes as they remember the last time they contributed to the mayhem of the chaotic world of Los Santos through online heists, street racing, or just general lawlessness. Some of the more creative players of the insanely popular open world title who actually take breaks from wreaking carnage in Rockstar Games’ latest release have gone on to produce some strange, yet fascinating footage, such as one fan’s representation of the Pokemon theme song intro with GTA 5 characters.

There have also been some pretty stellar in-game creations inspired by other intellectual properties, such as the Iron Man Hulkbuster mod, or the Mass Effect mod that changes the blimps hovering over the city into the sci-fi RPG’s giant Reapers. Now, one ardent fan has gone above and beyond by putting together a shot-for-shot recreation of True Detective‘s intro using elements of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Using a blend of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s PC version of the Rockstar Editor and Adobe After Effects for compositing, a YouTuber with the handle “llachlan” has definitely crafted an impressive homage to Nic Pizzolatto’s cult-hit HBO crime drama. Save for the film burns, the film grain, the fire elements, and the cloud overlays, everything seen in the clip below was taken from in-game footage.

The True Detective intro’s elegiac song “Far from Any Road”, performed by The Handsome Family, fits perfectly with GTA 5‘s haunted characters, especially when the video shows Trevor staring off into the middle distance. In fact, the production value of this rendition is so high that it puts most fan-made Grand Theft Auto 5 mash-ups like the one re-imagining the Spectre trailer to shame. But, of course, there are still several others that come pretty close in terms of capturing the essence of a film’s tone, such as the Mad Max: Fury Road video that a fan made a few months ago.

With the Rockstar Editor being capable of helping turn out quality material such as llachlan’s True Detective trailer, it’s obvious that the feature will assist in pushing Grand Theft Auto 5 well beyond its figures of 220 million units shipped once it hits consoles. However, the video editing component will only be added to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For those fans stuck with a PS3 or Xbox 360 copy, maybe the fact that the developer is only providing the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One is a sign that it’s time to upgrade.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and the game’s Rockstar Editor releases tomorrow, September 15, 2015, for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: llachlan on YouTube (via VG 24/7)