Amazing ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Truck Stunt Will Never Be Repeated

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At this point in time, it’s safe to say that players have seen just about everything there is to see in Grand Theft Auto 5. The blockbuster Rockstar-developed game grossed over a billion dollars within the first two days of its launch, so there are currently very few consumers that don’t know about it. That said, the community continues to surprise fellow fans, with this latest video featuring a stunt that few could have imagined.

The video in question features a massive semi-truck in Grand Theft Auto 5 hauling its fair share of cargo, only to accelerate, hit a jump, detach from from its semi-trailer, land a flip, proceed to have the trailer reattach itself to the truck, and then continue on its way as if it hadn’t just put Evel Knievel to shame.

The individual responsible for this, as you may have been able to guess from the massive watermark, is the YouTuber BlackSmoke Billy. According to the GTA stuntman, he “spent alot of time on this one,” which makes sense given its pure flukiness. Still, this particular endeavour is just another example of how players are finding their own ways to remain entertained long after the title’s release.

The launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC has been responsible for a emergence from the community, as mods are being released constantly for the M-rated game. Considering that console users are more or less done after completing the game’s main campaign and wrapping up the final heists in Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s cool to see the community thriving off of its own merit.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Truck Stunt

Popular mods like the grappling gun have proven to extend the shelf life of the game, which is something that Rockstar Games has undoubtedly banked on. Similar things have been happening with other titles as well, with the recent Destiny dance crew video proving to be incredibly entertaining for casual players and diehard fans alike.

With that said, word on the long rumored story DLC for GTAV could be on the way. Certain pieces of code have been found within the data of the game that may have ousted details on any planned expansions, all of which would be very welcomed for gamers anxious for more story content. If these reports turn out to be true, then there could be plenty more fan-made (and official) videos just like this one popping up soon.

What did you think of the semi-truck stunt? Are there any other stunts you’ve seen pulled off in Grand Theft Auto 5 that could give this one a run for its money? Get at us in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: BlackSmoke Billy – YouTube