GR Pick: Grand Theft Auto 5 Truck Ramp Stunt is Insane

By | 1 year ago 

Grand Theft Auto 5 is without a doubt one of the most popular games of all time. It’s been a little over two years since it first released, and fans are still finding new ways to enjoy the open world action title. And thanks to the help of in-game mods and the Rockstar Editor, players will more than likely imbue GTA 5 with a sense of vitality for many years to come.

Speaking of mods, Grand Theft Auto 5 is teeming with them, and almost every other week there seems to be yet another creative fan that adds one more layer of ridiculousness to the already over-the-top game. Whether it’s the Iron Man Hulkbuster mod that lets gamers tear through the streets of Los Santos with Tony Stark’s giant mech-suit or the mini-story that mashes up Fallout 4 and GTA 5 with a pretty impressive PC mod, there’s no telling what modders will think up next for the title.

Now, a YouTuber going by the name BlackSmoke Billy has introduced the world to his modding abilities by rigging up an eighteen-wheeler with an altered cargo trailer that acts as a ramp. Essentially, the ramp is used to launch cars skyward. And, of course, chaos ensues.

As seen in the video above, BlackSmoke Billy clearly has no regard for the virtual citizens of Los Santos, for when he gets on the highway as Trevor manning the big rig, vehicles start flying. The mayhem truly gets extreme about midway through the footage when he attaches an even larger curved object to the front of his truck that stretches across the entire freeway, throwing NPCs into oblivion.

For anyone who wishes to try their hand BlackSmoke Billy’s feats, he built the ramps using sjaak327’s Simple Trainer GTA 5 mod, and it offers a variety of options with which to tinker. Plus, it should also be noted that he personally made a handling mod so the cars and people would fly even higher than usual.

The fans who persistently fiddle around with Grand Theft Auto 5‘s settings no doubt inspire others to purchase the game and give it a whirl, so it’s no wonder why more than 220 million units have shipped thus far. Not to mention, the title’s online component is also going strong, especially after adding Freemode Events about a month ago. With any luck, long-time players of Rockstar Games’ most recent achievement will eventually get their wish for new story DLC. However, folks holding out hope for its addition shouldn’t hold their breath, as Take-Two Interactive boss Karl Slatoff has refused to comment on its status.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: BlackSmoke Billy on YouTube (via PC Gamer)