Grand Theft Auto 5: Trevor’s Voice Actor Gets Up Close & Personal At NYCC

By | 3 years ago 

Right before Grand Theft Auto V went about making a billion dollars and breaking several world records, Steven Ogg was just a hard working but little known Canadian actor with a few bit parts to his name. Now, he is part of the most successful entertainment release of all time.

Embodying the unstable Trevor Phillips, Ogg has brought to life a fan-favorite character who is on the wild side with genuine layers of emotional complexity. It is probably a safe bet to say his agent’s phone is ringing a little more than before Rockstar‘s flagship title went on sale.

As comes with geek fandom, this weekend Steven Ogg along with the co-stars Ned Luke (Michael) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) took part in an panel at the New York Comic Con hosted by IGN‘s Greg Miller. Also coming with the convention scene are the awkward requests from fans when it comes to ask questions at the end of a panel. One such fan took to the microphone to ask Trevor to swear at him. You can see exactly what happened in the video below. It is pretty surprising.

Obviously, there is swearing involved:

It is always fun to see an actor embody a character in the convention space. Just yesterday Troy Baker channeled the Joker in front of live audience, but Steven Ogg made this request just a little more personal. Grand Theft Auto V used the likeness of all their actors so as you see Ogg marching towards an excited fan in full Trevor mode, it gives us just a small look behind the polygons and into Ogg’s performance.

It would be great to see some behind the scenes footage of each of the actor’s process in bringing the characters of Los Santos to life. Rockstar has been fairly secretive of their process in the past, especially where their actors actors are concerned. Perhaps in a future re-release of the game we might see some scenes as they were recorded, but don’t hold your breath. Hopefully they are more open about it going forward as it is certainly something that would be interesting to see as part of future Rockstar games.

Source: Crave Online