'Grand Theft Auto V' Countdown To Trailer Release

Grand Theft Auto Five Trailer Countdown Clock

Rockstar Games has finally, officially announced Grand Theft Auto V. So far, there are no confirmations on the details of the game or its release date, but we do know that in less than seven days a trailer will be released. Hopefully, it will answer all our questions. To keep track of exactly how much time remains before the world gets its first look at Grand Theft Auto 5 in action, a handy countdown clock has been added to the game's website.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 announcement was made public just yesterday, and speculation as to where the game will take place is well under way. Many fingers point to Los Angeles as the games' destination for mischief and mayhem, but nothing can be confirmed yet.

The highly controversial franchise has not seen a new title released since Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony in late 2009. Grand Theft Auto 4 was released all the way back in 2008. This franchise is long overdue for a fresh game, and only time will tell whether or not Rockstar Games will deliver the goods.

What can gamers expect from the forthcoming trailer? Grand Theft Auto V casting calls have been investigated, and though the descriptions given are rather vague, perhaps one or more of those characters will make an appearance. In any case, we'll just have to wait until the countdown clock, available on the Rockstar Games' website, hits zero. The clock itself really doesn't hint at anything about the game, though it does list a Twitter trend with #GTAV, so join the conversation.

Post L.A. Noire, do you think Rockstar will return to the City of Angels, or will they branch out to a different setting for GTA V? What should change from previous GTA titles and other Rockstar games?  What kind of character and atmosphere should set the tone for this new title?

No release date has been set for Grand Theft Auto V. The debut trailer goes live a week from today, Wednesday, November 2, 2011.


Source: Rockstar Games

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