Rockstar Trademark Might Hint at ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Story DLC

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After several months of teases and rumors it appears Rockstar Games might finally be ready to unveil their first piece of story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5. That is, if a recently filed trademark is to be believed.

The trademark in question was filed for the term ‘City Stories’ by Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive and is apparently for use with a whole number of potential properties, most notably computer and video game software as well as downloadable computer and game software. What’s more, the trademark filing explicitly states that it is connected to Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories — two portable Rockstar-developed GTA expansions.

While Rockstar does not officially comment on business actions like trademark filings it’s fair to assume this ‘City Stories’ trademark is in some way connected to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. However, whether its purpose is for a future piece of story DLC, perhaps the first expansion for Grand Theft Auto 5, isn’t entirely clear. GameSpot points out that both DLC expansions for Grand Theft Auto 4, Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, did not feature the GTA name in their trademark filings, which leaves the door open for almost any possibility.

That being said, while we’d like to believe this is our first clue towards more GTA 5 content, it’s equally as likely that this trademark filing is a preventative measure on Rockstar/Take-Two’s part. They’ve already invested in the City Stories brand with both Vice and Liberty, so it stands to reason they would want to keep other publishers from creating their own City Stories and end up causing confusion.

Either way, Grand Theft Auto fans shouldn’t lose hope, as Rockstar has already teased plans for post-release GTA 5 story content. They specifically highlighted a continuation for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s story, and they promised these “substantial additions” would hit in 2014. Aside from that, though, we know very little with regards to Rockstar’s expansion plans, which makes this trademark filing all the more intriguing. Again, it could be nothing, but with a developer like Rockstar, who likes to keep things cryptic, anything is up for discussion.

What do you hope City Stories trademark is for? How would you like to see Rockstar expand on GTA 5‘s story through DLC?

Source: GameSpot

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