See The Life of Los Santos in a Beautiful 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Time-Lapse Video

Grand Theft Auto 5 sunset


If you're one of over 15 million+ people who currently own a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and have also been trying to play the multiplayer mode GTA Online, then it's likely you've run into what Rockstar Games describes as, "the typical growing pains for an online game." Having never released an online title of this scale before, Rockstar has spent the first couple of days since GTA Online's working through a laundry list of crashes and bugs in an effort to get the multiplayer running smoothly.

This has understandably been a little frustrating from GTA players who just want to go out and cause havoc with their crews, and previously we've recommended thrashing out any rage over freezes, timeouts, lags and bugs in the singleplayer campaign.

However, there's now an alternative to shooting up pedestrians and crashing stolen cars in the form of this very soothing time-lapse video that takes a moment to sit back and take in the sights, all set to the sound of soft piano music.

Grand Theft Auto 5 sunset

This is a side of Los Santos that players probably won't get to see very often, mainly because if you're sitting still for this long in a GTA game then you're kind of doing it wrong. All the same, it really does highlight the beauty of the city (and the countryside) that Rockstar created, and also to watch the changing skies overhead that usually get missed in favor of keeping an eye on the road.

The video was made by Youtube user DespicableChannel and picks out a diverse range of locations in GTA V, both in the heart of the city and out in the sticks. The fictional location was built using Rockstar's RAGE Engine, which also powered GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption among other Rockstar games.

Once you've finished watching the video, GTA Online will be 3 minutes and 33 seconds closer to being fully functional. You might want to line up a playlist of kitten videos to pass the rest of the time.


Grand Theft Auto V is available now on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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