Amazing ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Stunt Video & New Business Update for ‘GTA Online’

By | 3 years ago 

In the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 there are plenty of opportunities for crazy stunts, epic jumps, and all-around incredible maneuvers. But, many of them are put there by developer Rockstar Games, and thereby triggered by some form of achievement or stat.

Then there are those players who seek to go outside the confines of the game — like the Grand Theft Auto 5 player in the video above — and create their own impressive stunt highlight reel. That is where the magic of Rockstar Games’ open world truly reveals itself, and, on a more basic level, it makes for some entertaining videos.

Protracted preamble aside, the video shows off some of the more incredible stunts Grand Theft Auto 5 players can pull off with just a little momentum and a souped-up motorcycle. In earlier Grand Theft Auto games, rocketing high into the air and colliding with a building would have meant certain doom, but in GTA 5 its an opportunity to go even higher. Granted, some of that is because the physics in the game are a little looser than you’d expect, but that’s no matter.

Not only do some of these stunts require an intimate knowledge of GTA 5‘s map layout, there is also plenty of luck and timing involved. Being able to land on the blade of a turbine is no easy feat, yet this user makes it look effortless.

Grand Theft Auto Online Business Update

In keeping with the Grand Theft Auto 5 theme, we also bring word of the latest GTA Online update, which hit a few days ago. The update is dubbed the ‘Business Update’ and it introduces a few new vehicles (land and air) and weapons into the mix. Rockstar has also added 14 new jobs for GTA Online that take advantage of the new vehicles and weapons. Everything is available now for free, just hop online and download the update.

If the legacy of Grand Theft Auto 4 has taught us anything it is to never count out the power of Rockstar’s open world franchise. Even though GTA 5 might have released in September of last year, the product is still going strong — bolstered by dedicated players and new content for its multiplayer experience. And we haven’t even seen the first piece of story DLC yet.

What do you think of this Grand Theft Auto 5 stuntman video? Have you pulled off any comparable feats in GTA 5?

Source: RedKeyMon, Rockstar