Grand Theft Auto 5 Story DLC: Take-Two Has ‘Nothing to Say’

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Even though it was released two years ago, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to be one of the best-selling and most played games month after month. Its staying power is largely thanks to the game’s popular online offering, which Rockstar Games has consistently supported through large updates as well as paid DLC. While the free-roaming mayhem of GTA Online is definitely one of the reasons why players continue to play Grand Theft Auto 5, the game was initially able to find success thanks to its excellent single player story.

In fact, GTA Online didn’t even launch until a couple of weeks after the game dropped, meaning its stellar critical reception was based almost entirely on the single player component. And due to the high quality of the story, fans have been hoping for more in the form of DLC, which was promised well over a year ago. Unfortunately for those that have been waiting for Rockstar to deliver another single player adventure in the world of GTA 5, we still have no idea when the story DLC is coming.

Speaking at a recent earnings call, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff started off with good news, announcing that Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold over 54 million copies. However, he was then asked by an analyst when we could expect to see the story DLC for the game, and he responded, “In terms of DLC for GTA 5, we really don’t have anything to say about that today.”

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While it’s disheartening that we still have no official word on what to expect from the story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5, Slatoff’s silence shouldn’t be taken as a sign of cancellation. After all, Take-Two has traditionally let Rockstar announce their games on their own terms, and there’s no reason for that to change in regards to Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC.

In the meantime, some information has leaked that may indicate what the Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC, if it’s in development at all, will bring to the table. This includes the possibility of zombies and horses (not unlike the Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption) being added to the game, as well as the character Agent 14 – a new introduction for the multiplayer Heists update – playing a role in the new single player story content.

Whatever the potential story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 has in store for players, the silence from Take-Two President Karl Slatoff means that we probably won’t learn more about the DLC any time soon. If and when we do find out more about it, though, fans shouldn’t expect the information to come from an earnings call or the mouth of the Take-Two president, but rather straight from Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot