Grand Theft Auto 5 gets another Marvel comics inspired mod with the addition of Spider-Man’s biggest foe and the villain’s iconic, and deadly, vehicle of choice.

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 launched all the way back in 2013, gamers are still having plenty of fun torturing the citizens of Los Santos. The game has thrived long passed its release, and stayed on top of sales charts, thanks to constant improvements and content additions to GTA Online and the PC community’s dedication to making the game fresh with creative mods. In terms of mod popularity Grand Theft Auto 5 is starting to approach Skyrim levels of entertainment and attention.

The latest mod in development by JulioNIB is another work in progress superhero inspired creation… Well, more of a super villain creation actually. The modder’s most recent post to YouTube reveals an updated look at his Spider-Man inspired Green Goblin mod. The game alteration adds not only a very cool Green Goblin suit, inspired by the film’s version of the costume, but also an amazing new glider vehicle tricked out with an insane arsenal.

The mod is currently only on version 0.2 and isn’t available for download yet, but JulioNIB has been posting updates on its progress to his blog and the latest development video is looking very impressive…

The glider is definitely going to be a runaway hit with the GTA mod community once it is available for public download. In addition to being able to fly around the city, which looks like enough fun on its own, the vehicle also is packing slicer, carpet, and burst bombs. All of that functionality plus some great sound and lighting effects make the mod a must have for any comic book fan.

JulioNIP plans to create a playable Spider-Man character in GTA5 eventually, but also admits that this feat will be incredibly difficult to pull off. The modder definitely has plenty of experience working superheroes into the Rockstar sandbox though, considering his previous projects include adding both Iron Man and Hulk to GTA5.

Although the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 had a rough start with lack of confirmation and then delays and install issues, it is exciting to see that the wait was worth it for the non-console gamers. The community is still thriving long after the game’s console popularity has died down and it seems like the creativity of modders will keep things interesting until the next Rockstar game arrives.

What do you think of the Green Goblin mod? Do you have a favorite GTA5 mod? Let us know in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now. There is currently no announced release date for the Green Goblin mod.