The first trailer has been released for an ambitious Grand Theft Auto 5 mod named Grand Theft Space. As its name implies, Grand Theft Space allows the player to fly through open space, exploring parts of Earth, the Moon, and even Mars.

Development of Grand Theft Space is being led by modder Solloholla, with a team of at least eight others. Solloholla’s past mods include Grand Theft Auto 5 projects Spider-Man V and Simple Zombies, though Grand Theft Space seems to be the biggest yet. Solloholla has shared several gameplay videos over the past few weeks showing off just what gameplay looks like in Grand Theft Space. It’s a much more serene and grounded experience than a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5 mods, but that’s also what makes it unique.

Key features being shown in the beta include a huge Earth space base with hangars and a launch pad, the Moon along with a drive-able retro Moon buggy, and a Mars colony as well. The alien planet is only mentioned by Solloholla as upcoming, but there’s already plenty of alien influence within the mod to discover. It’s an exciting mix of realistic space-faring technology and Grand Theft Auto 5‘s wacky sci-fi slapstick.

The mod is planned to feature a short story-based series of missions, but that’s not a priority when compared to general exploration and adventuring. Keeping expectations within reason, the Earth, Moon, and Mars aren’t fully explorable; they’re just single locations for players to land on and explore around. Sollaholla is hoping for Grand Theft Space to be a foundation for future content releases.

“I’m sorry to say we have no concrete date, but we’re trying as hard as possible to get it out soon. I know I said last month that at the end of this month we would release, but it’s buggy for some people and I don’t think it’s ready. I just want it to be good and work for 90% of people so we can do add-ons and dlc and machinima creators / modder can expand it and make this mod their own.”

Sollaholla provided a list of things the team is working on that will likely add to Grand Theft Space‘s development time, but he hopes to have release news soon.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 are only available for PC.

Source: Grand Theft Space