‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Story Mode Update Fixes Missing Vehicles

By | 3 years ago 

While many gamers are still struggling to hop onto Grand Theft Auto Online — Rockstar Games’ multiplayer component for GTA 5 — they luckily have a fairly substantial single player component to keep them company. In fact, that single player element just got a little more refined, as Rockstar has issued an automatic update that features a “host of fixes” for issues players may have encountered in the Grand Theft Auto 5 story mode.

Although the Story Mode in Grand Theft Auto 5 is solid enough to receive our 4.5-star seal of approval it is (or was) not without its problems. As with many open world games, there was no way developer Rockstar could account for every single issue that might arise.

One problem that gamers have been reporting since launch involved vehicles going missing from saved files. On its own, the problem was a minor gripe, but considering players can now sink thousands of dollars into upgrading and customizing their vehicles — at the all new Los Santos Customs — the missing vehicles became even more of a problem.

Thankfully, this update purportedly fixes those problems; although it’s unclear if players’ vehicles should star reappearing or if they won’t encounter the problem from here on out. Rockstar’s update details are fairly straight forward.

Other fixes packaged with the update include:

  • Fix for interface issues when using Internet on the cell phone after completing the game, or during a mission replay
  • Fix for the Vanilla Unicorn occasionally becoming locked
  • Fix for issues where the character’s money could drop below zero and become stuck there
  • Fix for the Epsilon Program missions not progressing properly after delivering some cars
  • Fix for issue where the Atomic Blimp sometimes does not appear as a phone contact for Collector’s Edition owners
  • Fix for issues with saved vehicles going missing, or losing their upgrades
  • Fixes for several map escape and collision issues along with other various bug fixes

Obviously, most gamers primary concern is getting into Grand Theft Auto Online, and things appear to be calming down after a tumultuous launch day. Hopefully, tomorrow will yield better results.

But, in the mean time, the Story Mode for Grand Theft Auto 5 has had a few nagging issues ironed out, which makes the overall experience that much better. Unfortunately, most anyone is talking about regarding Grand Theft Auto 5, even in the comments section for Rockstar’s Story Mode update, are the problems getting into GTA Online.

Are there any other, non-Grand Theft Auto Online problems that you think Rockstar needs to address? How about those of you who can get into Grand Theft Auto Online? Are there any issues you have encountered?

Source: Rockstar