‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Has Shipped More Than 52 Million Copies

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is a monster in more ways than one. The game has pushed boundaries through its graphic content, but Rockstar’s open world title has been a critical and commercial smash. Grand Theft Auto 5 won rave reviews upon its launch, and the game is considered one of the best games of the last console generation.

As the title was released close to the end of the previous generation, it was no surprise to see Grand Theft Auto 5 see a remastered release for Xbox One and PS4, with a highly-anticipated PC release following last month. It’s given the game a tremendous second wind, and it was no surprise to see Grand Theft Auto 5 breaking Steam’s concurrent user record for a non-Valve game, with over 300,000 gamers playing at once.

As such, Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a huge success in terms of sales, and publisher Take-Two Interactive has given some finite sales figures for the acclaimed title. In the publisher’s recent earnings report, Take-Two Interactive has revealed that Grand Theft Auto 5 has now shipped more than 52 million copies worldwide. That’s an increase of nearly 20 million from the game’s impressive sales figures for 2013.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales 2

It’s hardly a surprise to see Grand Theft Auto 5 faring so well. The title sold 15 million units in 10 days and earned Take-Two Interactive $800 million within 24 hours of the game’s initial release. Grand Theft Auto 5 broke a number of sales records too, becoming the fastest-selling game in history in the UK. With such an impressive pedigree, spanning over two gaming generations, both Take-Two and Rockstar are bound to be ecstatic about how the highly-acclaimed title has fared.

There may be more to come, too, as fans are awaiting more news about potential downloadable content. Although Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick rang alarm bells when he recently stated that he had not “discussed any story-based downloadable content” with Rockstar, the publisher then reiterated that Rockstar Games would share news about projects “when they’re ready.” Given the delays fans had to endure for Grand Theft Auto Online’s Heists, players may have to wait a long time for any further updates. At least PC players will have plenty of modded content to keep them occupied.

The Take-Two earnings report did not only unveil Grand Theft Auto 5 figures, either. The publisher also revealed that the Borderlands franchise overall has shipped 25 million units, whilst sports titles NBA 2K15 and WWE 2K15 have shipped 10 million units between them. Meanwhile, the highly-anticipated asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve has shipped 2.5 million units since its release in February. Take-Two Interactive also teased a “soon-to-be-announced AAA title” in the works. The publisher is sure to be hoping that the as-of-yet-unnamed project will manage to match the success of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Source: Take-Two Interactive