Game Ranter Banter

Next week, the PlayStation Vita First Edition bundle will grace the hands of consumers all across North America. Gamers will turn on the system, and be entranced by its beautiful HD touchscreen. Some will not go to their jobs, the streets will be filled with wrecked cars as drivers crash while playing WipEout 2048. The world will be in shambles, and then aliens will come and enslave us. Because that was Sony’s plan all along.

But until that happens, you’ve got the Game Ranter Banter discussion to look forward to. This week, five of our lovely writers talk about the new Battleship game, based off the movie… based off of the game. In addition, we discuss Double Fine’s unprecedented success with Kickstarter, why terrible games can sometimes be the most enjoyable, the UMD Passport’s absence outside of Japan, and the release date for Grand Theft Auto V. Without further ado, let’s get this started.

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