‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Announced For PC, PS4 & Xbox One [Updated]

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Grand Theft Auto is undeniably one of the biggest gaming franchises around. Rivalled only by the Call of Duty titles, the latest game in the GTA series, Grand Theft Auto 5, was another home run in Rockstar’s growing line of big hitters. The open-world criminal caper sandbox even racked up a staggering amount of accolades, becoming both the fastest selling game of all time (it made $800 million in 24 hours) and the best selling game in the PS3 and Xbox 360’s history – as millions rushed to pick up a copy of the much awaited game.

So high was the anticipation that people even brayed for more of the 2013 released game, with plenty of fans asking just why GTA 5 wasn’t coming to PS4 and Xbox One – given that the release dates of those next-gen consoles was just a month away (at the original time of release). Well, after more rumors than you could shake a tabloid at, a trailer during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference reveals that GTA 5 will be coming to PS4 later this year.

[Update: Grand Theft Auto V is also coming to PC and Xbox One!]

Admittedly, while the reveal of GTA 5 on PS4 was light on details, i.e just what enhancements the game’s release on next-gen would bring, the overwhelmingly positive furore that developed in the conference hall and on social media streams upon the announcement was proof of just how much support people have for the series. It shows in sales too with over 29 million people having bought GTA 5 across the two last-gen platforms.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Plane Glitch

However, the trailer was pretty vague – and we don’t even know for sure if the game will indeed be called GTA 5 when it comes to next-gen consoles – or if it will get a suffix du jour such as The Last Of Us Remastered or Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The name is less important however than whether or not the game gets a graphical overhaul (the above footage of the title running on PS4 appears to suggest it gets that at least) and if it will chuck in all of the GTA 5 DLC packs that have boosted jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online as well as given players even more vehicles in which to cause mayhem.

There’s also the case of whether the iFruit app (a compatible app that allows you to take part in GTA 5 mini-games and stay updated with Rockstar Games news) will be compatible with the PS4 version of GTA 5 but again for superfans of Rockstar’s series this will be a minor issue. In fact, it’s these very fans who are being catered to by the fact that those with GTA 5 saves from having played the game on PS3 or Xbox 360 will be able to import that data into the PS4 version of the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Petition 650K Signatures

While we can presume that GTA 5 will be coming to Xbox One, despite an official announcement of such (exclusive reveals do not always make for platform exclusivity, after all) it is unknown if the same data transfer system will be offered on Microsoft’s flagship console.

It will also be interesting to see how Rockstar allows for sharing of GTA 5′s now quite famous stunts via the PS4’s share function and if the next-gen version of the game means that a PC version of GTA 5 is on the way too. Still, these will be questions for Rockstar to address as GTA 5 on next-gen still has a few months to go until release.

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GTA 5 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Fall 2014.