How Does The PS4 Version of ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Compare to PS3?

By | 2 years ago 

It’s undeniable that Grand Theft Auto 5 was one of the best games of 2013, which is why it quickly became one of the biggest entertainment launches in history. The game was met with rave reviews across the board, with many even naming it Game of the Year. When a developer – even one as heralded as Rockstar – announces a next-gen version of a previously released game, we all can’t help but roll our eyes. And, when the game was given nearly flawless review scores upon its original release, it makes it even that much harder to believe that a next-gen version is going to worth our time and hard-earned money.

Apparently, Rockstar isn’t unaware of this dilemma and to make a point the company released another new Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3 to PS4 comparison video (here’s the first comparison vid). The video showcases some of the big technical changes Rockstar has made, including increasing the overall resolution, replacing every texture in the game and more than doubling the draw distance and adding depth to the game’s general atmosphere with increased NPCs and traffic, foliage and weather effects. It’s clear that Rockstar knows that gamers don’t want to be tricked into buying the same game (I’m looking at you, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition), so instead of promising gamers everything under the sun, the developer has chosen to show us.

There’s an obvious increase in the graphic fidelity when jumping from PS3 to PS4, but the question remains as to whether or not the next-gen GTA 5 is anything more than a fancy paint job. Yesterday, Rockstar also announced that there would be an entirely new FPS mode for Grand Theft Auto 5 to the re-release versions as well, bringing the first person perspective to the franchise for the first time ever. On top of that, Rockstar detailed exclusive content for returning players last week, including new vehicles, new guns and new events to go with the expanded Grand Theft Auto Online (now with way more players!).


I’m almost ashamed to say that the FPS mode does look very impressive, and paired with the clearly upgraded graphics and extra content for returning players it might make the next-gen version worth the purchase.

Rockstar originally denied the possibility of gamers seeing GTA 5 on next-gen consoles, noting last year that they didn’t “have another GTA in development.” So, we do know that the game’s next-gen version likely hasn’t been in development for long. Hopefully, that won’t mean a buggy release or empty promises. Because, you know, that never happens in gaming.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next-Gen Screenshot 137

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases on PS4 and Xbox One November 18, 2014, with a PC version to follow on January 27, 2015.