This Grand Theft Auto 5/Pokemon Mashup is Bizarre in the Best Way

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Sometimes fans can provide others with looks at some of the most creative and genuinely thought provoking aspects of games. Whether doing a live-action take on The Legend of Zelda set in the wild west or some sort of artistic Grand Theft Auto 5 short film, there’s no shortage of worthwhile content to find. Then there’s content that takes things to a new level, moving away from artistic and opting instead to simply lay claim to being entertaining for a medley of reasons.

This latest mashup video from a fellow gamer manages to have just that in spades, and it features a combination of two of gaming’s most successful franchises – Grand Theft Auto and Pokemon. Both seem like polar opposite titles – which is admittedly why they really don’t mesh well at all in this video – but the raw awkwardness, ridiculous violence, and rag doll physics makes this trailer of sorts all the more entertaining.

The video in question was made by YouTube user Merfish, and it exhibits the creator’s personality pretty well. Fans get an hysterical glimpse of the classic Pokemon theme song from the popular cartoon, and the various Los Santos residents dressed up as original Pocket Monsters are equal parts terrifying and nonsensical. Still, the end result is something that’s worth checking out for fans of either gaming series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Pokemon Theme Song

Admittedly, something akin to an open world Pokemon game would be cause for celebration in the eyes of many longtime fans. Gamers have waited years for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to release something just like that, but those prayers have fallen on deaf ears thus far. With that said, it’s enjoyable to see something like that brought to life through a combination of mods and the Grand Theft Auto 5 video editor – albeit in shot-for-shot recreations of the original cartoon’s intro.

Fortunately for those that currently own Rockstar Games’ latest on consoles, the video editor is set to arrive for those versions of the game pretty soon. Bearing that in mind, those gamers will be able to jump into the fun of acting out and creating their very own videos however they wish, opening up the playing field for even more fan-made content to fill up YouTube and fans’ time. Mod support hasn’t been confirmed yet, sadly, but with Fallout 4 set to feature mods on Xbox One when it arrives later this year it’s certainly possible that GTA could be joining the mix as well.

What did you think of the Grand Theft Auto 5/Pokemon mashup? Are you hoping to see more user creations from GTA in the near future? Get at us in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Merfish (via GamesRadar)