‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Glitches Makes Planes Hunt You

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Some easter eggs can remain in games for years before they’re discovered, and Grand Theft Auto 5 is predictably chock full of such secrets. The same can be said in many games for glitches, and it always seems to be those undetected and unpredictable glitches that can truly add a fun and refreshing experience to a game shortly before they’re patched. It looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 is playing host to one of these glitches, which was only discovered this week by a young fan.

The glitch will make planes taking off at airports aggressive, which means post-takeoff these guys will fly right at players and hunt them down until the pilot crashes. To enable them to do this, players will need a modified supercar to hit a jet in the right place twice – once to make it aggressive, and a second time to glitch it into taking off while it’s in this mode.

A gamer discovered the glitch and asked his brother to help make a how-to video, which the older sibling dutifully delivered. Thanks to a sense of brotherly duty, players everywhere can now exploit one of the most unique glitches we’ve seen yet for Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Plane Glitch

The glitch doesn’t always work, seeing as sometimes the planes just take off and resume their normal course of action. However, it’s reported that other times the planes will hunt down the player until the plane crashes. Sometimes, when a player crashes into a driver in-game, the driver will recklessly pursue the player — this is likely the same bit of A.I. at play, which wasn’t meant for pilots. If gamers start doing this during GTA: Online matches, a new wave of hectic and hilarious shenanigans could be afoot.

The online portion of the game had plenty of glitches during its launch, and even after those were sorted, players had to wait half a year before the most-advertised features were finally introduced to the game.  This glitch is probably great news for bored console gamers, and potentially even PC fans next year.

What do you think, Ranters? Will be you checking out this glitch, or will you standby as it flies past?


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Source: VG247