‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Bug Logs And Retailer Listings Point To PC Release

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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Bug And Listing Leaks

For years, gamers have been vehemently discussing the state of PC gaming, voicing fears of its “death”. However, one look at Valve’s contributions to the industry or the current state of online modding communities would say otherwise. The platform is a hotbed for gaming excitement.

This would explain why the fight for a PC release of Grand Theft Auto 5 rages ever onward. Luckily for those who have been eagerly anticipating news regarding a potential release, two pieces of newly-leaked information make a PC release of Grand Theft Auto 5 seem that much closer to reality.

Imagine if you will that you are browsing Amazon, looking for your next online purchase. All of a sudden, you notice a listing for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC. Well, that’s exactly what French and German gamers experienced while browsing the popular online shopping portal. While the French product listing has since been removed, the German one is still visible on the site and shows no signs of disappearing.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Amazon Listing

If this is anything like the accidentally leaked product listing for Fable Trilogy, then gamers could very well be seeing a PC-related Grand Theft Auto announcement soon. Surprise is a key component to a strong reveal and if this posting is legitimate, Rockstar Games surely wouldn’t want a leak to overshadow the announcement that gamers have been expecting and waiting for for months.

If this possible leak weren’t enough, it also seems as though a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is mentioned regularly in a since-deleted bug log that has been making its way around the Internet. Clocking in at 150 pages, this log refers to a PC version of the game over 170 times according to PC Gamer, who managed to post some snippets of the bug log before it was taken down. Among the references include mention of DirectX 11 smog and bloom effects, a 64-bit build of the game, and a toggle entitles “lastgen”.

Not only does this lend credence to the existence of a PC release of the game, but it could also point towards a next-gen releases thanks to the bug log’s mention of the “lastgen” toggle. With information in the logs chronicling numerous builds of the game ranging from April 2009 all the way up to August 2013 with references to a PC version dating back to June 2012, if this leak is fake, it truly is the definition of the term “long con”.

It will be interesting to see Rockstar Games’ reaction to these leaks in the coming days and weeks, as gamers have continued to be vocal about wanting PC and next-gen releases of the game, even going so far as to start a petition. Standing tall as the most-played game of 2013 and making it into our top 10 games of the year, it makes sense to expand Grand Theft Auto 5 to all platforms. It just remains to be seen when Rockstar will deign to acknowledge this fact.

To tide PC gamers over until the eventual announcement surfaces though, some crafty modders have taken to recreating the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 within the Grand Theft Auto 4 engine. While there are no plans to replicate the characters, storyline or quests, just having the ability to explore the city of San Andreas on your PC is a tantalizing idea. The mod is currently still under development, but we will keep you updated as it nears release. Until then though, the map from Grand Theft Auto 5 has already been made available as a mod and can be found here.

Do you think these leaks are legitimate? When do you think the fabled PC announcement will come, if ever?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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