‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Coming to PCs in Early 2014?

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While PC chip maker Intel isn’t too happy about console manufacturers getting exclusivity over the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, one of the biggest game launches of all-time, they went on record claiming that the exclusivity wouldn’t last long.

Putting aside fan petitions for a PC release of GTA V and rumored development of the next-gen console versions, how could a game of this size and scope – that barely functions properly on the PS3 and Xbox 360 –  with this many years of development behind it, not come to PC? Well, it probably is coming and it could be as soon as early 2014.

According to sources of Eurogamer, a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is on the way, slated for a release in the first quarter of 2014. By then, both the PS4 and Xbox One will be out and with both Sony and Microsoft, respectively, talking up support for developers with console architectures that are dev-friendly and easy to port from PC, don’t be surprised to see next-gen console versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 as well.

Veteran players of the GTA franchise will remember that the GTA IV initially released in April 2008 with the PC version coming eight months later in December, so a delayed PC version of GTA V is of no surprise. The PC version of GTA IV kept the game in the news headlines for years, even now, videos of user-made mods still generate buzz for the title and GTA V would continue to keep Rockstar’s flagship game series in the media for years to come.

Then there’s the case of the leaked code which suggested PS4 and PC releases are in development, and a namedrop by NVIDIA in the summer listing GTA V as a reason players are upgrading PCs (they’ve since claimed it an error). These were followed by the obligatory denial by Rockstar.

The good news for patient PC players is that if Grand Theft Auto V eventual makes its deserved debut on PCs, by then most of the issues with the broken Grand Theft Auto Online system will hopefully be rectified and perhaps by then there will be additional content or expanded multiplayer options (actual missions, higher player counts, etc.). We’d also like to see these GTA game mechanics fixed too.

Do you believe Rockstar Games is developing GTA V for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?


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