‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ PC Pre-Load Starts Today

By | 2 years ago 

A week from today, Grand Theft Auto 5 fans will finally be able to play the 2013 multi game of the year award winner on a PC instead of a console. The GTA 5 PC port has been in the making for a long time, after dozens of ‘will they, won’t they’ rumors; but hopefully the wait will be worth it. For shoppers who pre-ordered GTA5, the first step towards playing the game on a PC starts today.

It may be surprising that PC gamers are still interested in a game that was released nearly two years ago on consoles, but the latest 60 FPS trailer proves that high-power gaming rigs will bring a new level of clarity to the game’s already gorgeous landscapes. As players might imagine, a game with as many assets as Grand Theft Auto 5 will probably take quite a few hours to download for most players, so Rockstar is going to let future users start downloading the game today.

Rockstar made the announcement on the support forums, in response to a question about pre-download support:

“Yes, pre-loads via Rockstar Warehouse and Steam will be available on April 7th. We will update this page with an exact time as soon as that information is available. If you pre-ordered GTAV from a digital retailer other than Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, please contact your retailer’s customer support departments for details on pre-loads.”

Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

There hasn’t been an announcement about the official download size yet, but we do know that the minimum requirement is 65GB of hard drive space. That doesn’t quite beat the 100GB that Star Citizen is estimating, but it is still a serious amount of storage. For comparison, the current-gen port of GTA5 to PS4 and Xbox One required 44GB for the initial console download.

Once players get the files downloaded and installed, PC gamers will hopefully be looking at a very refined version of the game that has already worked through many of the GTA5 bugs and problems that console gamers experienced. There wasn’t much to complain about in terms of the original campaign, but the game’s online components have definitely worked through some growing pains.

At this point, the long-delayed heists are finally up and running and effective hacker deterrents are in place. A port to a new platform always opens up new opportunities for problems, but hopefully PC gamers are in for a smooth launch next week.

Have you pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto 5 yet? Do you plan on downloading the game today? Let us know in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game releases on PC on April 14, 2015.

Source: Rockstar Games