Rockstar releases a brand new mode for Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode, turning players loose in a confined space with limited ammo and multiple opponents.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V released back in November of 2014, Rockstar Studios has worked diligently to keep players hanging around the violent streets of Los Santos, adding seasonal surprises and new cars to keep the game fresh and exciting. While the oft-requested additional story missions might not ever come, the developer has focused on making the online aspect of Grand Theft Auto V ever changing and engaging.

But a gamer can only shoot a random passerby in the face or smoosh a rival with a tank so many times before it begins to get a little dull. Thankfully, Rockstar is rolling out a brand new mode for Grand Theft Auto V that is sure to excite fans looking for something a little different.

Going live as of December 8th for current-gen platforms and the PC only, the new mode is called ‘Every Bullet Counts’. Described in a press release as “intense,” the new mode offers a unique spin on the classic “cat-and-mouse” style of gameplay.

In “Every Bullet Counts,” four players are turned loose in a small space, equipped with a single pistol loaded with two bullets. For those doing the math at home, that’s one bullet shy of all the opponents, which is where the tactics come into play. Players will need to strategically utilize their allotted bullets to take out the competition, and then must rely on stealth, their wits, and a razor sharp machete to get the drop on the remaining competition.

GTA V Every Bullet Counts Gameplay

For gamers planning to hide, wait to let the competition wipe each other out, and then mop up the stragglers, Rockstar has bad news. “Every Bullet Counts” is made to punish camping and lurking, with players that remain idle for more than 5 seconds appearing as a blip on the map, making it easier for the other players to locate and dispatch them.

Gamers looking to put their GTA skills to the test can access “Every Bullet Counts” at both the De Santa mansion in Rockford Hills or at the Tequi-La-La nightclub in scenic downtown Los Santos.

With online heists and the new “Every Bullet Counts,” Grand Theft Auto V fans will have plenty of ways to paint Los Santos (literally) red. But it remains to be seen if “Every Bullet Counts” will be the first of many new modes, or Rockstar will simply revert to releasing more wacky holiday themed DLC.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

Source: GameSpot