GTA Online’s Halloween Surprise Adds New Vehicles, ‘Slasher’ Mode

By | 12 months ago 

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s latest update, Halloween Surprise, adds a range of spooky content to the mode including two new vehicles and terrifying creepy masks.

Grand Theft Auto Online players have been spoiled with content lately. Earlier this month, the multiplayer mode added the ‘Lowriders’ update which not only introduced the famous bouncing cars to Los Santos’ streets but it gave players access to Lamar’s new gang-banging missions as well. Not only that but the recent Freemode Events update has also provided players with much entertainment. But, this won’t be the only thing giving players to do right through the holidays, as Rockstar Games has now revealed the ‘Halloween Surprise’ update as well.

Rockstar says that GTA Online‘s Halloween Surprise content is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (Rockstar has ended last-gen support) from now until November 16, at which point its contents won’t be available for purchase in the game, though they will stay in players’ inventories if they’ve already bought them. And it won’t require any additional downloads from players either as the data for it was included in the Lowriders update.

The two main features of the spooky GTA Online event are the Lurcher Hearse and the Franken Stange. Decorated with skulls and bones the Lurcher Hearse doesn’t come cheap at $650,000, meanwhile, the Franken Stange’s flame-covered hotrod body is slightly more affordable at $550,000. Additionally Rockstar says that there are also “20 ghoulish new Bobbleheads that can be added to the dashboard of any customizable Lowrider”, which adds to the many other new features (e.g new interiors and paint jobs) that players can already add to their lowriders.

GTA Online Halloween Surprise update Slasher mode

Also adding “thrills and suspense” to the game is GTA Online‘s new Adversary Mode. Called ‘Slasher’, this “tense” new mode supports up to 8 players. One player takes on the role of Slasher, while the others have to run away, hide, or fight in darkness as the Slasher goes around trying to kill them with a shotgun.

Rockstar also notes that players can make use of the new flashlight in order to see where they’re going but that could reveal where they are and they’ll “become prey”. But, if players survive for three minutes, they’ll get a shotgun and will be able to exact revenge. The mode doesn’t quite seem as gruesome as the recently announced Friday the 13th tie-in game, but Slasher mode could provide a laugh and a new challenge at least.

But what would a Halloween event be if players can’t play dress up? GTA Online players will be able to buy masks too, in order to “strike fear into [their] opponents”. The Monsters section of the Vespucci Movie Masks includes things like Red Bearded Lucifer for $26,750 and the Green Hypnotic Alien for $29,250, and these masks will now be the default mask option if players take on a Heist between now and November 16. Though, if those masks aren’t of any appeal, “30 Spooky new styles of Face Paint are also available to help you get into the spirit of the season”, notes Rockstar.

All in all, the update seems to add a good variety of content to GTA Online that should keep fans amused for quite some time. However, one concern players have is that the Lowriders update cleared their accounts out (it costs $400,000 to get a vehicle ‘lowrider ready’) and that they’d wish Rockstar had spaced the updates out a little better. Or at least, that the cars and masks in the Halloween Surprise had been made a little cheaper. There are still a few weeks until the event is over though, so it’s yet to be seen if Rockstar will budge and lower the prices.

Source: Rockstar Games