To celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, Grand Theft Auto Online adds a brand new American Football-themed Adversary mode called ‘Running Back’.

Rockstar Games has given Grand Theft Auto Online players lots of new content over the past few weeks and months. In October, the lowriders update introduced the famous bouncing cars, along with a range of new customizations for player vehicles (e.g speakers in doors and new interiors). This was soon followed up by the GTA Online Halloween Surprise update which added a spooky Adversary game mode, terrifying masks, and even a tricked out hearse for players to ride around in. Rockstar’s not done for the year, though, as it plans to celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving with an American Football-themed mode.

The GTA Online game mode in question is called Running Back, and it pits two teams (of four to eight players) against one another. The mode takes place on a long stretch of road, with one player as the designated ‘Runner’. The Runner will sit behind the wheel of a Benefactor Panto and their job is to get to the end zone line at the other end of the highway; they won’t be alone though as the rest of their team will be driving BF Biftas. The Runner and their teammates will really need to stay frosty though, as the defensive team will also be in BF Biftas trying to “ruthlessly block, crash and pummel their way to try to stop them”, according to Rockstar.

GTA Online Running Back screenshot

In addition to revealing the locations where ‘Running Back’ takes place (players can find it at: Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge and Zancudo Tunnel), Rockstar also says that the Adversary mode is a “permanent” addition to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game. Given that the Halloween Surprise content (e.g the hearse, the hot rod, and the flashlight) were all timed and were removed from the game at the beginning of November, this will be reassuring.

Unfortunately, ‘Running Back’, which is available right now, hasn’t pleased everyone. Although some are happy that Rockstar has added new content to the game – keeping everyone occupied as they wait for GTA 5‘s elusive story DLC. Meanwhile, others had hoped that the holidays would bring something more substantial, such as the Heists update. Not only that, but some players are also complaining that they are having difficulty in filling up Running Back’s lobbies. While the lack of players could just be because players don’t know about it yet, fans are understandably frustrated, and it will be interesting to see if Rockstar addresses their concerns.

What’s your favorite Grand Theft Auto Online mode? Are you glad that Rockstar is updating GTA Online so regularly or are you still holding out for story DLC? Leave a comment and let us know.