Are Zombies Coming To 'Grand Theft Auto Online'?

Meant to represent both sides of the sunshine state’s spectrum — from its idyllic blue surf and palm tree views to its hard hitting depiction of poverty — GTA V’s world encompasses almost everything that any self-respecting California based hoodlum would want to do. Sometimes its tongue in cheek portrayals get developer Rockstar slapped with lawsuits, sure, but amidst the dirt-biking, police force-provoking and miscellaneous criminal activity, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be stuck for things to do inside GTA V’s sandbox playground.

And Rockstar has been keen to add to the ‘things to occupy your time’ pile, teasing Heist missions for Grand Theft Auto Online that let players do bank jobs with friends. In fact Grand Theft Auto Online has received so many updates (the recent Independence Day pack offering being the latest) that some of those not keen with getting trampled on by other plucky criminals, have complained that they’re left with just side activities to do.

While GTA V is one of a growing list of games in which 100% single player completion is a far off dream (Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Red Dead Redemption are other prime examples) Rockstar is still rumored to be playing to these players’ whims, as a recent leak suggests that zombies will be the next thing to enter the game’s sun-kissed setting.

GTAV Trevor Header

The suggestion comes after a group of GTA fans rooted around in the game’s source code and came up with some strings that consistently referred to something called “ZMB”. Those who posted about ZMB on the GTA Forums explain that they can’t imagine what else it could mean other than a chance to face off against rotting hordes of the undead, but as there’s nothing else to go on other than a three letter acronym it seems that someone is being a bit hopeful.

Not only that, the optimism could be paired with a big bit of beehive poking as it’s also being suggested that not only will this GTA V zombie DLC be making its way to consoles, but it will also be a timed PS4 exclusive (nothing has been mentioned as to how this would pan out on last-gen consoles). Although Rockstar buddied up with Sony to reveal GTA V on next-gen at the Sony E3 2014 press conference, Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption's zombie DLC, Undead Nightmare, on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the same time, so unless the recent PS4 and Xbox One sales figures have really rocked the boat we don’t see why a timed exclusivity deal would be the case.


Unlikely rumours aside though, further rooting in said GTA V source code has led to more solid speculation about the game’s oft-mentioned casino content. This time the above video says that although the casinos that we can see in-game are solid, there are files hidden in the source code that suggest Rockstar is now thinking about adding actual doors to let players root around inside.


Furthermore, an additional video seems to prove the point as one casino has an “opening soon” banner displayed while another lets you glitch yourself inside to see sofas and interior decoration dotted about the place. Hardly necessary decor for an unused building.

So there are plenty of questions surrounding the validity of this one, as well as additional queries as to whether or not Rockstar will include this DLC right off the bat for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. However, the company has already made one massive GTA V announcement at a games event this year and so with Gamescom right around the corner, we’ll keep you posted should they decide to go two for two.

Source: Load The Game

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